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Is SMS Marketing Still effective in 2018?

Different types of marketing methods are available which can come handy to increase the visibility of the business. Among all the popular types, SMS marketing is quite had a significant presence due to its effectiveness. You are capable of reaching to more number of people with ease. There are thousands of businesses who still prefer this old type of marketing over the new one. So, the question arrives about the effectiveness.

No doubt that there are couple more months in 2018 and social media marketing is the leader due to affordability and other effective solution. But, can you rely on SMS marketing and get rid of all the issues? Well, to understand this with simple words, the below given are all the factors that you can check out and go well. Let’s check out the key elements which are making SMS marketing effective better and reliable over other ones in 2018.

1. SMS Open Rate

Email marketing and SMS marketing are the direct types of advertisement where brands show their products just by reaching customers directly. Being direct can be a good option but is It reliable? So, if you compare SMS’ open rate as compared to email, then it is significantly higher. It is found that the open rate of emails was 24% in 2016 because most of the people don’t open emails, they delete it directly.

In terms of SMS marketing, 97% of users read SMS, and it is sure that the numbers are really high. For a business that started a couple of months ago and doesn’t have any presence then they can rely on it. With the open rate, it is easy to find that SMS marketing work correctly. The read rate doesn’t always matter because of some people and delete the message without even reading thoroughly.

But, if the messages are read, then people will remember your name in the future, and it is definitely useful for sure. Not all the companies prefer SMS marketing that’s why it is pretty much less competitive and better to prefer over other ones.

2. Affordable Prices

It’s vital that you choose a solution that is cost effective and if you are considering SMS marketing, then you are saving a good amount. It is way cheaper than social media marketing and SEO. You have to find the best and reliable company that can work for your need. They will provide the database of people who may prefer your brand, and you can opt for the right customers.

In simple words, you are paying a lower amount and getting the amazing number of benefits with ease. Keep in mind that all the companies aren’t reliable that’s why you should find the reputed service provider such as SimpleTexting and such others. By considering the reviews and comparing the charges, you can easily know that which one is best to fulfill your need. It is simple and mostly preferred by everyone.

The different price option also occurs due to the quality of the data. In order to sort it out and find the best one, you should find a company that is offering affordable solution instated of the cheaper solution to fulfill your need.

3. Enhance Visibility

The visibility of a company matters a lot, and it matters on the fact that how well you are advertising. Companies like Apple and Samsung had a history of quality products and quality services which make them the leader of the smartphone industry. If you prefer companies that are providing SMS marketing solution, you should opt for a quality service provider. In case, you are sending a message for any product purchase or offers; it should be done in quick time.

SMS marketing also helps customers connect with you and improve your services. The customer support is lending a hand in popularity, and you can try it out without a single issue. Make sure to choose the best option and then you don’t have to worry about anything. As per a survey, SMS marketing is effective if done in the local region first and then increasing the range of your radar.

4. Get Loyal Customers

A company is worthless if all the customers are temporary and they are not visiting you again. The only issue is that your business won’t grow and after a time, getting a significant number of the customer can be a big thing. To avoid such issues, you need some loyal customers, and if you are using SMS marketing, then you don’t have to worry about a single thing. It is a word of mouth that is building loyal customers.

The improvement in communication with customers and keep providing better customer support will help in it. Due to this particular reason, SMS marketing is effective. If you think that why it is not that popular, then there are many reasons. The very first reason behind this issue is other types because businesses think that digital marketing is everything. Well, if you have a good strategy, then the hoardings are also enough to provide better exposure and without even spending a good amount of money.

5. A Fast Solution

Digital marketing takes time to bring the results, but the effective rate of SMS marketing is way higher. It let you choose the customers and send messages. When you send the message, you have to keep everything simple and sort so that the receivers read it. When you send the message, it takes a couple of seconds to reach customers. It is surely the best way of communication and building more customers in a couple of days.

You can create your own database by asking customers would they like to receive updates in the future and most of the time, everyone will say yes. Now, you have to send messages, and all the loyal customers will be back to buy new products. You can say that it is an effective and most reliable solution that’s why you can try it out without any issue. Hope, you will be able to learn that why SMS marketing is better to prefer in 2018.

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