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Getting Solutions for Bail Bond- Helping Families and Friends in need

No one is really ever prepared to deal with unexpected emergencies such as a phone call from a panicking friend or family member late at night, explaining how they have been arrested and are currently in jail. The first thoughts in this type of situation usually consist of how fast you can help to get them out of jail.

A bail bondsman usually provides the easiest and quickest way to help bail out a family member or friend. It is essential for you to be aware of how the bail bond process works right from the start to the end in order for you to be prepared for what you should expect along the way.

Arrest and Booking

After a person is taken into custody, he or she will be moved to jail for arrest and booking. The process includes taking fingerprints, mug shot photographs, background checks and warrant searches.

  • The defendant is typically searched for any contraband or weapons and personal items such as cell phones, purses, wallets and jackets are collected and held until the person is released from jail. This process may take a couple of hours or more before completion but can be longer depending on factors such as how busy the staff is at that particular time.

  • The bail amount for the defendant is set when the booking process has been completed and arrangements can be made to post bail.

  • The defendant will be given access to a phone in order to make calls to a family member, friend, advocate or bondsman. Click here for bailbonds4u.

Setting Bail

Numerous factors are taken into consideration when setting the defendant’s bail amount.

  • Depending on the region and local regulations, bail may be set by using the bail schedules of the county. Judges consider any criminal history and a repeat offender will probably be given a higher bail amount in comparison to a person who does not have a criminal record.

  • Another key factor when setting the bail amount is the severity of criminal charges. The more serious the charges are, the higher the bail amount is likely to be.

  • A judge can also determine whether the individual is regarded as a flight risk, which means there is a high possibility of them not reappearing for court. Bail amounts would be higher for someone who the judge fears may not return to the court.

Bailing People Out

  • There is a reason bail amounts are usually set high. This is to ensure that the defendant returns to face the charges against them. The amount could range from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Many people do not have the ability to secure such large sums of money. They may have to put their homes up as collateral to secure their loved one’s release.

  • If you want to pay the full bail amount, this has to be done directly by cashier’s check or cash to the courthouse or jail. This money will be returned to you after the case has been concluded if the defendant shows up for all court appearances.

  • With cash bail, it can take months and years before your money is returned. This is why many people opt for a bail bondsman as a practical and affordable solution.

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