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Formulate a viable business plan to sell your handicraft items on the internet

In the event that you are someone who has a lot of talent in making amazing and beautiful works of art and craft at home, then it is about time that you thought of selling these products to make some extra money. The day of the internet is upon us, and today with the advent of digital marketing, business owners are making a line trying to set up enterprises where they can sell their unique products online and make profits. For more information, visit Craft Online.

So, why should a woman who is good with craft works, stay behind? If you are someone who makes good artworks and crafts, then you must seriously consider setting your enterprise up on the internet and earn some extra cash. For mothers, this is an excellent way to earn money from their homes by doing the thing that they love the most. In this article, you will learn about making a viable business plan to help you with your crafts selling.

When you want to start selling your craft works online, it is of immense importance that you have a good business plan with you. The reason is that it will help you streamline your business process more efficiently. When you want to start your business enterprise without a sustainable plan, you will be facing a lot of difficulty in being able to sell your craft works on the internet.

By doing the following things, you can ensure that you have a business model ready:

1. Decide the place where you would sell your crafts on the internet: The internet can be a crazy and confusing place. It is vital that the first thing that you decide when you start to make up a new business plan for your crafts is in deciding the place where you would want to be selling them. You have plenty of options, like either selling from your business website, or directly from social media platforms, or auction it on auction websites; you can also register yourself as a seller on e-commerce websites, and so on. There are some special places where you are likely to get more success, and those are on popular auction websites. You can also consider going for a full-fledged business website where you can sell the homemade craft works. You can use social media platforms for marketing your products. This will help you to spread the word around about your products. You must keep the focus of your marketing on the “homemade” tag because this will reflect the originality of content which people would love to buy as it is different from mass-produced commercial products.

2. What will you do for the shipping of your products? Understand your logistics: It is of immense importance that you do thorough research on the logistics of your products, and how you are going to ship them to the paying customers. This is important as it will affect the way you price your craft works. The prices would fluctuate depending upon the shipping costs. You can outright mention it that shipping costs would be charged extra, but this will put off a lot of customer from buying. Alternatively, if you register with an e-commerce website, then they will be taking care of the shipping by themselves. You can also determine a certain distance up to which you will provide free shipping. You can also form partnerships with some shipping companies to negotiate a price when your business develops more. One of the best practices in the initial stages would be to keep the prices low but to include a percentage of the shipping costs. When the business gets going on full swing, you can increase the prices to meet the costs. You can also try to keep the price in such a way as to include only the shipping costs and manufacture costs initially, later on, you can increase the prices when the business expands. But it is vital that you choose a good shipping company who can ship your products properly and without damage.

3. Lastly, decide on the way you will be marketing your craft products: You must have the prices of your products be kept at a reasonable rate. But aside from that, it is important that you can market your products properly also. As you are just doing this from your home and will not have too much of capital to invest, you can consider using social media pages to help you in this endeavour. Social media is the best way to market your homemade products. You can consider starting the promotions aggressively during special occasions and festivals because at this time people will be out looking to buy gifts. They will like to see something original being sold and buy it.

There are a lot of other ways by which you can make profits by selling your crafts online and earn a lot of extra income. It will be wonderful to make money by doing things that you love the most and by turning your hobby into a profitable business profession.

How can DIY crafts help you in earning extra income?

These days, with the costs of everything being on the rise, it will not hurt people to find ways to make some extra income. This need can be most felt by stay at home mothers who have acquired special skill in making art and craft work. Not only do they have the requisite talent and but they have honed their own skills by themselves with years and years of practice. For single mothers, this is even more important, as they already have to work so hard to raise their children all by themselves.


Fortunately, there are ways for you to sell your craft works online. It is a viable business opportunity because there are many people out there who would want to buy these products. However, it has to be maintained that before setting out to sell the products it is of immense importance, that you formulate a business plan first which is sustainable. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.

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