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A Quick Lesson on How to Play Electronic Drums

The moment you went to your first gig, you knew that you wanted to play drums for a living. You were captivated and enthralled, and the sound was simply heavenly. Therefore, you decided to save up for your first drum kit. All that is needed is for you to learn how to play.

You might be wondering how easy or hard it is to learn and how quickly you can take your electronic drum sets on stage. If you have the natural talent and the passion for it, you will have the patience needed to learn how to play well. However, it is not easy and even seasoned drummers will tell you that it took effort and commitment to get where they are.

Must you take lessons?

You may have to decide that for yourself. There are drummers who never took lessons and they succeeded. However, most of the renowned drummers learned their craft by being guided by professionals. It does not hurt to take a lesson.

You will find a lot of video lessons online and there are is software available that you can use to help you learn. You need to know where to begin. There is more to playing drums, even electronic ones, than simply hammering on them and creating a ruckus.

Aside from the software and videos, you can find:

  • Online tutorials
  • DVDs
  • Books
  • CDs
  • Articles

You can take any of the options available. However, depending on how badly you want to learn and how competent you hope to be, you may want to sign up for some one-on-one lessons. You will benefit a lot from a seasoned drummer from whom you can learn technique, ask questions and learn to distinguish between good and bad technique.

What you need to get started

There are a few items that you will need to facilitate your leaning. These include:

  • Sticks
  • Practice pads
  • A metronome or click
  • A drum kit

You need a metronome in order to play in time. You can purchase one or buy a kit with an in-built metronome. That is the beauty of electronic drum kits.

Buying a good kit is fundamental because you are going to need it even after you are finish training. You may want to avoid buying the cheapest. As they say, cheap is sometimes expensive. It may not serve you for long. Additionally, a starter kit however durable will only take you so far. You will eventually outgrow it.

  • Acoustic or electronic drums for a learner?

Many drummers will tell you that drumming is drumming. It therefore should not matter whether you take your lessons on acoustic drums or electric drums. What you need to concentrate on is learning the techniques, patterns and rudiments. Get started on the learning and practice often.

You can invest in either the acoustic drums or the best electronic drum sets as long as what you are really interested in is not only learning the techniques and ability to play drums competently but also getting a kit that will serve you well beyond the training stage.

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