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Watch: President Trump holds MAGA rally Fort Myers, Florida – 10/31/18

President Donald Trump holds a rally in Fort Meyers, Florida Wednesday night to support several Republican candidates (live streams at the bottom of the article).

Area Races

Fort Meyers is situated in Florida’s 14th Congressional District where Democrat Kathy Castor has no opponent, but there are several statewide and other district races where President Trump hopes to give Republicans an advantage.

Governor: DeSantis vs. Gillum

The most recent poll gives Democrat Andrew Gillum a 5-point edge over Republican Ron DeSantis.

Gillum is an extreme-left progressive Democrat, but has carefully crafted his statements to avoid tipping-off voters. He uses the anti-Second Amendment phrasing “common sense gun control” when asked about his position, but never outlines exactly what he means. He has the endorsement of extremist anti-gun groups Mom Demand Action and a failing grade from the NRA.


Andrew Gillum supports sanctuary cities that ignore federal law and is against the deportation of illegal aliens. The combination of the two indicate that he is in favor of amnesty for illegal aliens.

The top sectors that have financed Gillum’s campaign are lawyers, lobbyists, bankers and insurance companies.

Senate: Scott vs. Nelson

An average of recent polls gives incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson a 2.6-point lead over Republican challenger, and former Florida Governor, Rick Scott.

Rick Nelson voted against the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Gun Owners of America and the National Rifle Association both give Nelson failing grades due to his disdain for the Second Amendment. He is a firm anti-firearm zealot having voted for a ban on popular firearms. The anti-Second Amendment lobbyists in The Brady Group give Nelson a 100% rating.

On immigration, Nelson is even weaker. He opposed President Trump’s travel ban that sought to prevent people from Middle-Eastern nations from coming to the United States if those country’s vetting and identification processes were not up-to-par, is in-favor or extending DACA, and giving amnesty to illegal aliens.

U.S. House (FL-15): Spano vs. Carlson

The two polls taken for this race have Republican Ross Spano and Democrat Kristen Carlson tied in a district that went for Trump by 10-points in 2016.

Kristen Carlson is an anti-gun left-wing extremist. She has stated clearly that she wants a ban on popular firearms and government regulation on magazines.

Carlson is in-favor of amnesty for illegal aliens.

Live Streams of President Trump’s Rally in Fort Myers, FL 10-31-18

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Golden State Times

CBS News

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