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Eye Makeup – Essential Tips that Make the Difference


What do you notice in a person when you first meet him or her? Of course, the eyes! The eyes are the most attractive and beautiful part of anybody’s face. The proper eye makeup can make your eyes look even more beautiful than before. While we all love to look beautiful and often apply eye makeup for achieving alluring eyes, the look gets spoiled when we miss on some very important eye makeup tips. Be it the cat eye makeup or the glitter eye makeup; you always need to take care of a few important tips. We, here, share with you a few of the best and easiest eye makeup tips that are often used by the pros to get amazing results on eyes. Just take a look below at the same!

Wash your face & apply moisturizer – You cannot start makeup on an unclean or unwashed face. Washing the face and cleansing it thoroughly is the first requirement for doing any sort of makeup, including eye makeup. Hence, choose a mild face wash, work it into the good foam and rinse off your face properly. Use a soft towel and dry up your face. Next, you need to apply some moisturizer to your face so that it doesn’t look rough and dry after makeup. Apply the moisturizer in a gentle circular motion and let your skin absorb it completely. Your face and its skin are now soft and smooth and all ready to take on some makeup.

The correct sequence of eye makeup – When we do eye makeup, we need to remember a very important point that eye makeup is done in three parts. In the first part, you cover the eyelids area where you use the eye cream, the eyeshadow, and the highlighter. The second part covers the makeup of eyebrows, and the third part consists of makeup for lashes. Following the makeup of all these three parts in the same sequence will help you gain desirable and suitable results in eye makeup.

Keep the right balance between eyes & the entire face – Whenever you go through any eye makeup tutorial or the tutorial of smokey eye makeup, you will see that the beautician always keeps some sort of balance between the eyes and the rest of the face. This is done so because loading the entire face with heavy makeup along with heavy eye makeup will give you an awkward look. Hence, make sure that when you are giving a special heavy look to your eye, the rest of your face makeup should be light. Thus, when you have smokey eye makeup or dark cat eye makeup, make sure that your cheeks are done in a light shade of blush, and you wear lipstick in a nude or light color. This will help you create the desired makeup balance in your face area.

Foundation comes first – Another important tip for eye makeup is that you should always make sure that you have prepared a base for your face. That is before you start with the eye makeup, you should have already applied the foundation and face powder on your face. Once you have done this step of foundation and face powder, you can move on to the steps of eye makeup.

Use an eye cream – Many women do not know that eyes are first treated with eye cream before applying any makeup on them. You need to apply eye cream on your eyelids so that the gentle skins of eyelids get protected. The eye cream actually acts as a protective layer for your eyes and helps guard sensitive skin. When you are done with the eye cream, it is now time to apply a bit of foundation on your eyelids. Applying foundation on eyelids will give a nice skin texture to your eyes and will also match it with the rest of the skin texture of your face. The next benefit of applying foundation on eyelids is that it will make your eye shadow stay for long on your eyes.

Apply eyeshadow in two steps – Whenever you are planning to apply eyeshadow, make sure to do the same in two steps. For amazing eye makeup looks, you should first apply the eyeshadow with a base color. The base color of the eyeshadow should cover your entire lid. When you have covered the eyelid with the base color, it is now time to apply the main shade. Start applying the main eyeshadow in small gentle strokes. If you do not know how to apply eyeshadow properly, you can take help of a good eye makeup video. Applying the eyeshadow correctly will help you achieve attractive natural eye makeup.

Make wise use of highlighter – The highlighter in eye makeup plays a very important role. It is suggested that you apply highlighter only when you actually know how to do the same correctly. If you do not know the right way of applying a highlighter in eye makeup, it is better to leave it! The highlighter, when applied improperly, can spoil the beauty of your eyes. The correct way of applying eye highlighter is to use it on the edges of the eyes. However, the highlighter is also applied in the middle part of eyelids, but that looks only good when you are planning to attend a night function or ceremony. The highlighter on the eyebrow bones and in the middle of the eyelid is often used by models or celebrities who do it for some special photoshoot.

The makeup of eyelashes – The lashes when done with makeup in the right way look extremely beautiful. This is why you have to have the right eyelash extension supplies in your collection. The best lashes are the ones that are done with mascara, eyeliner, and curler. Here, it is extremely important to note that you need to curl the lashes before applying mascara on them. Use a good eyelash curler to curl your lashes. Now, apply mascara using it in the correct volume. By volume, we mean that your applicator of mascara should not have an excess of mascara in it because that can give a bad look to your lashes by clutching them together. Take out the excess of mascara from the applicator and then, apply it on lashes. Finally, use eyeliner to emphasize your eyes.

Remembering and following above tips given us by real makeup experts of Online Platfrom https://www.fabulive.com/ will help you gain the right eye makeup!

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