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Why Corruption Has Been the Main Reason for Poverty In Africa

Corruption in Africa is like a disease. It is like cancer which has been gradually growing and has become very difficult to eradicate. The effects of corruption are greatly being felt by the poor who cannot afford to buy essential commodities. The most saddening thing is that no department is spared from this nightmare of corruption. Even the clergymen in the church are corrupt. Doctors and nurses in the hospitals are evil. Judges and magistrates are also not spared.

One of the funny things about African people is that they fear to face corruption. They eat and dine with the corrupt government individuals. The few who try to fight this crime are victimized and assassinated. The majority who are poor tolerate this disease because they have no option. Some try to run from Africa to other nations while others bear the effects of corruption until they face their death.

It has been argued that anarcho-capitalism is the only solution to this disease that is threatening to kill Africa because the government which is expected to be fighting corruption is the one which is corrupt. So, it is important for courts and other government parastatals to be independently owned.

Though there are other causes of poverty like wars, droughts, and diseases, corruption is the major one because of the following reasons.

Rigging during election

Electoral commissions in Africa are full of corruption. The most influential people in the society steal elections by colluding with the electoral bodies. When these corrupt people get to the government, they loot funds which are supposed to fund economic projects in the country to help raise the economy of the country and improve the standards of living of people either directly through employing the people or indirectly by improving the per capita income.

Because of the people’s poverty also, voters in Africa get bribed by rich politicians to vote for them. They don’t look at their future because they need something to put into their mouths. So, as long as the bribery of voters will continue in Africa, people of Africa will continue being poor.

Embezzlement of public resources

Government officials who have been entrusted to oversee public resources in the country, steal the funds meant to benefit people in the country and put the money into their pockets. Those heading the minerals docket take money from the sale of these resources. Money from the sale of this resources only benefit the individual and his/her few relatives. Majority of the people who are supposed to benefit continue being poor and more miserable.

The worst thing even is stealing of medicine in the hospital and hospital funds. These corrupt people have no mercy. They take everything from the poor leaving them with no chance to survive.


In Africa, people are surviving by chance. Corrupt business people illegally import uncertified products which do not get taxed. They do so by bribing ports authorities. By evading to pay taxes, the country will not get enough funds to budget for its people. This drags the people of Africa to un-ending poverty. To add more pain, these products are not safe for consumption! The poor people are therefore suffering as they are left with the burden of paying taxes on the purchase of the fake essential commodities. These make them more poor and sick.


African people are unproductive. The problem is that their unproductiveness is deliberate. People working in government offices deliberately fails to report on duty. Some come later after attending to his/her own private business. They do all this but then refuse to take the blame for their unproductiveness. These results to wastage of money as unproductive people still holds offices and get paid yet they don’t deliver the services.

After discussing all these corruption deeds in Africa, we can confidently say that anarcho-capitalism is the solution. Private sectors can substitute the government but still provides the best services.

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