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Another High Tech Lynching???


On the eve of Judge Kavanaugh’s vote, the Democrats are still using last-minute underhanded skullduggery to postpone it. Diane Feinstein has had her now famous anonymous letter accusing Judge Kavanaugh of sexual misappropriations since July but waited until after Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings ended before referring it to the FBI. Feinstein has had the letter since July but waited until after Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings ended before referring it to the FBI. The Senator claimed its author had “requested confidentiality” and “declined to come forward or press the matter further.” But, as the Washington Post admitted yesterday, Christine Blasey Ford contacted them at the same time she reached out to Feinstein. Did she collude with the Post and the Democrats to ambush Kavanaugh?

Did Ford make a deal with the Democrats and the Post to hide behind the shield of anonymity until it was too late for the Trump administration to replace Judge Kavanaugh with another nominee who could be confirmed before the midterms? Their obvious hope is that the Democrats will eke out a majority in the Senate and prevent President Trump from appointing any further conservative justices to the Supreme Court. The Washington Post story says, in passing, that Ford is a registered Democrat and a University Professor in Palo Alto, Calif. Her social media accounts appear to have been scrubbed, but some information remains suggesting that she is a member in good standing of “the resistance.” This doesn’t sound too shady and Coincidental now, does it? Have you ever noticed how everything with Democrats is about sex? But I digress.


Judge Kavanaugh’s vote is scheduled for Thursday Sept.20th, but now It is being postponed for a hearing next Monday by the Judiciary Committee between Mr. kavanaugh and his accuser Christine Blasely Ford. Many people are opposed to postponing the vote and I agree.The allegation and the new hearing call into doubt whether Republicans can meet their self-imposed deadline to seat Kavanaugh on the high court by early October. Several key Republicans said they wanted to hear directly from the woman, and Democrats renewed their calls to slow down the process.

. This is another stalling tactic by the left to unseat Kavanaugh that many are comparing to the “high tech lynching” of Clarence Thomas when he was nominated.


They are going to oppose anyone Trump nominates anyway. So they should just go through with the vote on Thursday.

Judge Kavanaugh’s background has been thoroughly vetted by the FBI on six different occasions throughout his decades of public service, and no such allegation ever surfaced. Furthermore, Judge Kavanaugh and others alleged to have been involved have unequivocally denied these claims from their high school days. The Committee has received letter after letter from those who’ve known judge Kavanaugh personally and professionally, including 65 women who’ve known him since high school, speaking to his impeccable character and respect for others, especially women.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, among the most influential Republican members of the committee, has decided to put the onus of proof back on Ford by inviting her to talk directly with the entire committee rather than leveling charges at Kavanaugh through Senator Feinstein, her fellow Democrats, and the Washington Post. Specifically, he put it as follows:

“If Ms. Ford wishes to provide information to the Committee, I would gladly listen to what she has to say and compare that against all the other information we have received about Judge Kavanaugh.… If the Committee is to hear from Ms. Ford, it should be done immediately so the process can continue as scheduled.

All of which brings us to the question of her veracity. According to the Post, Ford has an imperfect memory of the events. “Ford said she does not remember how the gathering came together the night of the incident.… She also doesn’t recall who owned the house or how she got there.”

She does seem to remember the county, and this will no doubt be helpful to the committee if she musters the courage to appear. She never mentioned the event to anyone until 2012, when she attended couples therapy. The therapist’s notes from those sessions conflict with her current story but she claims that is an error on the therapist’s part. Laura Ingraham stated on her show that the therapists’ notes said Ms. Ford named four people none of which was Kavanaugh then changed it to two.

Her basic story goes thus:

She alleges that Kavanaugh — who played football and basketball at Georgetown Prep — held her down with the weight of his body and fumbled with her clothes, seemingly hindered by his intoxication. [Kavanaugh classmate Mark] Judge stood across the room, she said, and both boys were laughing “maniacally.” She said she yelled, hoping that someone downstairs would hear her over the music, and Kavanaugh clapped his hand over her mouth to silence her.

She escaped by locking herself in the bathroom, from whence she emerged after a few minutes. She isn’t sure how she got home. That’s pretty much it. This event happened 36 years ago among adolescents. The victim and the villain were under the influence of alcohol and the former can’t remember half of the details — yet somehow recalls enough to ruin the latter’s career. The latter says it never happened. This is why we have the Sixth Amendment, folks. Anonymous accusers enjoy little credibility and less respect among honorable people. These are characteristics they share with Democrats and journalists. The Senate should confirm Kavanaugh next week.

Notice how quick all these libs are rushing to accept this woman’s story without any proof yet when Juanita Broderick told her story of Bill raping her with pics of her with Bill that day and a nurse witness who saw her right after, the feminists all said, “Oh that was so long ago” but now with Kavanaugh’s accuser’s story they are quick to jump on the bandwagon and believe her. Liberal bias and hypocrisy abound.

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