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Quick Break Video: You Suck at Cooking can even make a tomato sandwich fun

Take a few minutes out of your busy day to learn how to make an authentic toasted tomato sandwich as Youtuber “You Suck at Cooking” takes you on a country journey, “where tomatoes come from,”  to find the best ingredients. It’s one part pickup truck commercial, two parts, er, tomato sandwich, and 100% fun. Only YSAC can make such a simple thing, so entertaining.

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Full Recipe:

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Seriously? There’s like three ingredients if you don’t count the salt and pepper.

note: If you don’t have a 500 Watt Galvanized-steel-nichrome-wire-lateral-current-low-impedance-split-phase-omnidirectional-quad-voltage-wide-arc-triple-coil-toasting-machine, my understanding is that an oxy-acetylene torch will also work.

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