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Overwatch: NEW Hero Wrecking Ball Gameplay! – ALL Abilities Breakdown

Overwatch has allowed the release of video showing off their brand new hero – Wrecking Ball.

Hammond, the clever hamster controlling a quad-cannon-equipped mech, is a clever tank/off-tank with amazing mobility, a good escape, and some cool abilities:

  • Roll: Convert into a rolling ball that makes Wrecking Ball one of the most mobile tanks
  • Minefield [ultimate] : deploy a field of proximity mines that don’t seem to disappear or be destroyable except by tripping them
  • Grappling Claw: Use a grappling claw to rapidly swing around the area and enables high-speed collisions with enemies that do damage and knock them back
  • Piledriver: Slam into the ground damaging enemies and launching them into the air
  • Adaptive shield: a shield that increases in strength depending on the number of enemies around Wrecking Ball

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