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The White House Daily Chronicle, April 19, 2018

The news behind the news on the president, administration and everything that happens in the White House is always in …  The White House Daily Chronicles.

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Presidential Itinerary – the details

President Donald Trump will visit Joint Interagency Taskforce-South in Key West, Florida then return to Mar-a-Lago.


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Trump’s Tweets (newest to oldest)

Official Statements

On Arms Transfer and Unmanned Aerial Systems Export Reforms

From the office of the press secretary:

America is safer when our partners have access to the American-built systems they need to defend themselves and our shared interests, and when American industry competes on a level playing field. Today, President Donald J. Trump signed a National Security Presidential Memorandum approving a new Conventional Arms Transfer (CAT) policy. He has also established a new Administration policy on the export of American-manufactured unmanned aerial systems (UAS).

The new CAT policy reflects the priorities set out in the Presidents National Security Strategy, and provides a framework under which all United States Government agencies will review and evaluate proposed arms transfers and approve commercial defense sales by American companies. The Trump Administrations new UAS export policy replaces an overly restrictive policy established in 2015 that hindered American companies from delivering a crucial military capability to our allies and partners. These updated policies reflect the Presidents commitment to peace through strength by building up our allies and partners, expanding opportunities for American industry, creating American jobs, and advancing the national security interests of the United States.

American industry produces the most sophisticated and effective defense systems in the world. Todays announcements are key first steps in a series of Government-wide initiatives to strengthen our allies, support the manufacturing and defense industrial base, and drive American job creation and innovation.

Executive Actions

  • Amended the Resighini Rancheria Disaster Declaration
  • Issued a Presidential Memorandum Regarding U.S. Conventional Arms Transfer Policy [Full Text]

Executive Branch Nominations/Designations

  • none

Communications with Heads of State and State Officials (readouts often come the day after the conversation)


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