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While we catch the most important stories coming from the White House as they happen, some minor stories and small details fall through the cracks on busy news days. When they do, we pick them up … on the flip side.

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Presidential Itinerary – the details

The president’s summarized daily schedules can be found HERE.

At the joint press conference with Prime Minister Lofven of Sweden

The press entered the Oval Office at around 2:10 p.m. EST.

When the press entered the room, President Trump and Swedish Prime Minister Lofven were already in the Oval Office.

Trump offered brief remarks at the top, saying it was a great honor to host Mr. Lofven. Hes a highly respected man and hes done a great job in Sweden.

When President Trump started answering questions, the Swedish Prime Minister seemed to be listening attentively. He then thanked President Trump for inviting him. “Our countries enjoy good and long relations,” he said, adding that the main topics of their discussion will be economic issues and security. President Trump called the relations between the two countries “special”.

Trump said Sweden is a great country and a great ally. I think were together for about 200 years. I think this is an anniversary. Weve had very special relationships for many years, 200 to be exact.

The main focus of the remarks in the Oval Office was on North Korea and the prospect of direct talks with the North Korean regime. Asked if the new development is a breakthrough, President Trump said: “Well, I hope so.”

Q: Do you believe North Korea is prepared [inaudible]

Were going to see. Were going to see. They seem to be acting positively but were going to see.

Trump referred to the tweet he issued this morning on North Korea.

Hopefully it will go the proper way, Trump said. The proper way is the way that everybody knows and everybody wants. But we are prepared to go either way.

Trump: I think that their statement, and the statements coming out of South Korea and North Korea have been very positive. That would be a great thing for the world. A great thing for the world. So well see how it all comes about.

Trump: Theyve been giving tremendous credit because the because the Olympics was not going well. And when they came in out of the blue and said wed love to participate in the Olympics it made the Olympics very successful.

Trump: President Moon of South Korea was very generous in his statements as to the fact that we had a lot to do with that. If not everything. We had a lot to do with it. The Olympics were beautiful. As you know they were not looking that way prior to.

The Swedish Prime Minister did not add anything on this topic. He listened and did not weigh in when President Trump was asked by a Swedish reporter (Channel Four) whether Sweden could be helpful as a mediator in the conflict with North Korea. Sweden has an embassy in Pyongyang. “I know that. Many people know that,” President Trump said, adding: “Sweden will always be helpful.” He indicated that Sweden had been helpful on another issue, however, he did not elaborate what he was referring to.

Executive Actions



On Gary Cohen Leaving the White House

National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn is leaving the White House. He has served as President Trumps chief economic advisor since the beginning of the Administration.

For several weeks Gary had been discussing with the President that it was nearing time for him to transition out. His departure date is to be determined but will be a few weeks from now.


Gary has been my chief economic advisor and did a superb job in driving our agenda, helping to deliver historic tax cuts and reforms and unleashing the American economy once again. He is a rare talent, and I thank him for his dedicated service to the American people.

General John Kelly:

Gary has served his country with great distinction, dedicating his skill and leadership to grow the U.S. economy and pass historic tax reform. I will miss having him as a partner in the White House, but he departs having made a real impact in the lives of the American people.

Gary Cohen:

It has been an honor to serve my country and enact pro-growth economic policies to benefit the American people, in particular the passage of historic tax reform. I am grateful to the President for giving me this opportunity and wish him and the Administration great success in the future. GARY D. COHN

Rally in Pennsylvania Saturday

President Trump’s re-election campaign announced a rally to be held near Pittsburgh, PA Saturday. Details HERE.


Executive Branch Nominations

U.S. Marshalls

Today, President Donald J. Trump announced his intent to nominate a fifth wave of United States Marshals. The United States Marshal performs essential functions of protecting the Federal judiciary by apprehending fugitives, transporting prisoners, and protecting witnesses. These candidates share the Presidents vision for Making America Safe Again. Accordingly, the President today announced his intent to nominate these individuals to serve their respective jurisdictions:

  • Dallas L. Carlson of North Dakota will serve as the United States Marshal for the District of North Dakota
  • Sonya K. Chavez of New Mexico will serve as the United States Marshal for the District of New Mexico
  • Gregory Allyn Forest of North Carolina will serve as the United States Marshal for the Western District of North Carolina
  • Brendan O. Heffner of Illinois will serve as the United States Marshal for the Central District of Illinois
  • Bradley A. Maxwell of Illinois will serve as the United States Marshal for the Southern District of Illinois
  • Theodor G. Short of Maine will serve as the United States Marshal for the District of Maine

Other Various Departments

  • James Edward Campos, of Nevada, to be Director of the Office of Minority Economic Impact, Department of Energy
  • Michael J. Desmond, of California, to be Chief Counsel for the Internal Revenue Service and an Assistant General Counsel in the Department of the Treasury
  • Patrick Fuchs, of Wisconsin, to be a Member of the Surface Transportation Board for the term of five years
  • Jon Parrish Peede, of Mississippi, to be Chairperson of the National Endowment for the Humanities for a term of four years
  • Lisa Porter, of Virginia, to be a Deputy Under Secretary of Defense
  • Michelle A. Schultz, of Pennsylvania, to be a Member of the Surface Transportation Board for the term of five years
  • Peter C. Wright, of Michigan, to be Assistant Administrator, Office of Solid Waste, Environmental Protection Agency

Communications with Heads of State (readouts often come the day after the conversation)

Call with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada

President Donald J. Trump spoke yesterday with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada to address trade and the ongoing NAFTA negotiations in Mexico City. President Trump emphasized his commitment to a NAFTA agreement that was fair to all three countries, noting the current agreement leaves the United States with a trade deficit.

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