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Top 6 Benefits of Modern Technology on Our Society

Every day, technology advances and more groundbreaking innovations are released. Companies work harder to bring new tech products to the market, and people are benefitting from these products. Modern technology has replaced old technology and even rendered them obsolete in some cases.

In this article, we’ll examine the top six benefits of modern technology on our society.

1. Modern technology provides better and faster access to information:

Previously, people had to wait till they had access to a computer before they could access the web. But with modern technology, smartphones can now give people real-time information anywhere they are. Students can get more information on what they are studying via the internet. Google and other search engines have made it easier to get information on puzzling questions. Twitter and other instant messaging apps have made it easier for information to be accessed in real-time. So, people no longer have to wait for traditional media like the newspapers, television and radio to get news updates.

2. Modern technology has improved philanthropy:

The world is now a better place thanks to modern technology. People now donate to others via GoFundMe and other sites. PayPal and other modern payment solutions have allowed people to donate money to charities of their choice with a single click of a button. Previously, people could only give to charities in their locale or their country. But thanks to modern technology, the world is now a single place and people can hear about the needs of people in other countries and donate to them instantly.

3. Modern technology encourages innovation and creativity:

Thanks to the internet and other modern technology, a lot of talents have been discovered, and more innovations are being made. Social media channels like YouTube have allowed talents like Justin Bieber and others to be discovered. Kickstarter and other crowdfunding sites have allowed people to receive funding for innovations, indie games, indie movies and other projects. Previously, it was difficult to start a business due to limited access to information and limited access to capital, but modern technology has improved conditions vastly.

4. Modern technology provides better ways of monitoring kids:

Previously, parents had no idea of what their kids were up to when they were in school or away from home. But thanks to smartphone tracking tools, parents can now monitor the activities of their children and take relevant actions. Text messages can be read, emails can be monitored, chats can be read, pictures captured, and videos recorded can also be viewed remotely. Thanks to the GPS tracking feature of apps like the mSpy phone locator, parents can determine the exact location of their kids and save them from danger if need be.

5. Modern technology has given ill-treated people a voice:

Thanks to Twitter and other social media apps, maltreated people now have a medium to voice out. The #MeToo campaign started on Twitter, and it has helped a lot of people to voice out on how they were sexually abused. A lot of sexual abusers are now being punished for their offenses. is another medium by which people can sign petitions and get something done about issues affecting them.

6. Better communication:

Today, people can communicate better with their loved ones thanks to modern technology. There are video chats, emails, calls, instant messages, chat apps and other communication channels available now. People can now hold virtual reality meetings with their lovers now. Thanks to social media platforms like Facebook, people can now keep up to date with their friends and get updates about events in their lives. Previously, people couldn’t communicate with celebrities, but that is now possible with Twitter.


As you can see from this article, modern technology has provided a lot of benefits to the society. But everything should be used moderately. When used wisely, technology will advance the society and make the world a better place.  

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