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The White House Daily Chronicle, March 15, 2018

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Presidential Itinerary – the details

The president’s summarized daily schedules can be found HERE.

The president will meet with Prime Minister Leo Veradkar of Ireland, attend a Friends of Ireland luncheon at the Capitol, meet with members of the American Petroleum Institute and receive the Shamrock Bowl from Prime Minister Veradkar.

Just before meeting with Prime Minister Veradkar of Ireland

Donald Trump welcomed Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar to the Oval Office moments after an open press greeting ceremony. The two are meeting to discuss military, trade and cybersecurity among other topics.

Q: Was Putin behind [the attack on former Russian spy in U.K.]?

Trump: “it looks like it. Ive spoken with the prime minister and we are in discussions. A very sad situation. It certainly looks like the Russians were behind it. Something that should never, ever happen, and were taking it very seriously, as I think are many others,”

Q: Any more staff changes coming?

Trump: “The story was very false. They wrote a story about staff changes and it was very false Mike Pompeo is going to be an incredible secretary of state. We have some wonderful ideas There will always be change but very little. It was a very false story. A very exaggerated and false story. But there will always be change. And I think you want to see change. I want to also see different ideas. Larry [Kudlow] is going to be outstanding as economic adviser.”

Trump and the Irish PM engaged in small talk, including about golf. Trump said hell visit Ireland at some point. I have property there, he noted. The prime minister said that he does not play golf but would be happy to give it a try with Trump.

Capitol Hill “Friends of Ireland” luncheon

The president and vice president traveled together in the presidential motorcade to the capitol for the “Friends of Ireland” luncheon being hosted by House Speaker Paul Ryan.

The event was held in the Rayburn Room which was packed at the moment the president and vice president arrived.

The president left the capitol in a procession led by a bagpiper. The Vice President, Prime Minister Varadkar, Speaker Ryan and Rep. Peter King were there.

The president arrived back at the White House at 1:44 p.m.

Official Statements

On media reports that H.R. McMaster is leaving the White House

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders posted a tweet Thursday evening in which she said that she had talked with Trump and McMaster and no one is going anywhere.

“Just spoke to @POTUS and Gen. H.R. McMaster – contrary to reports they have a good working relationship and there are no changes at the NSC,” she tweeted.

Statement from the United States, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom on the Attack in Salisbury

We, the leaders of France, Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom, abhor the attack that took place against Sergei and Yulia Skripal in Salisbury, United Kingdom, on March 4, 2018. A British police officer who was also exposed in the attack remains seriously ill, and the lives of many innocent British citizens have been threatened. We express our sympathies to them all, and our admiration for the United Kingdom police and emergency services for their courageous response. This use of a military-grade nerve agent, of a type developed by Russia, constitutes the first offensive use of a nerve agent in Europe since the Second World War. It is an assault on the United Kingdom’s sovereignty and any such use by a state party is a clear violation of the Chemical Weapons Convention and a breach of international law. It threatens the security of us all. The United Kingdom thoroughly briefed its allies that it was highly likely that Russia was responsible for the attack. We share the United Kingdom’s assessment that there is no plausible alternative explanation, and note that Russias failure to address the legitimate request by the government of the United Kingdom further underlines Russia’s responsibility. We call on Russia to address all questions related to the attack in Salisbury. Russia should, in particular, provide full and complete disclosure of the Novichok program to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). Our concerns are also heightened against the background of a pattern of earlier irresponsible Russian behavior.We call on Russia to live up to its responsibilities as a member of the U.N. Security Council to uphold international peace and security.

Trump’s Tweets

Executive Branch Nominations

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