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Study: Over Half Of Nose-Job Patients Do It For Selfies



by Gabrielle Okun

Approximately 55 percent of potential plastic surgery patients told surgeons in 2017 they wanted a nose job to look better in selfies.

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Researchers discovered a person’s nose looks approximately 30 percent larger in a selfie versus when someone else holds a camera five feet away, claiming this prompts people to get nose jobs, the Daily Mail reported. Facial plastics and reconstructive surgeon and study leader Dr. Boris Paskhover randomly sampled people of different races and ethnicities to determine how camera distance alters facial feature perception. Researchers created a mathematical model to calculate the distance from the face to the camera — from 12 inches compared to five feet affects facial proportions.

“I notice a lot of my patients come in and show me selfies of what they look like,” Paskhover said, noting he has to explain to potential patients how selfies distort facial feature perception. “People have to be aware that selfies change how your face looks.” The study revealed men’s noses increase 30 percent — women’s noses increase 29 percent.

Two-thousand-seventeen’s selfie-based plastic surgery requests rose from 13 percent in 2016, according to American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, INC. research.

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