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How to bring wallpapers to your Mac desktop

If you are tired of having to continually find new images to brighten the display of your Mac, you’ll find this review to be somewhat useful for you. There are two well-known wallpaper changers for Mac – Wallpaper Wizard and Unsplash Wallpapers. Both apps are developed for Mac users, and both provide users with a bunch of great desktop patterns. Any of these applications will cater to the needs of the most demanding Mac users who are tired of searching high-quality wallpapers for their computers.

Wallpaper Wizard: What to Expect from this Application?

The latest version of this software product, Wallpaper Wizard 2, meets the demands of the most exacting Mac users. It promises to make the desktop of your Mac more beautiful than it was before. Wizard provides Mac users with an awful lot of different backgrounds and desktop patterns. Now, you aren’t made to bother with looking through Google images in search of the best design which will reward your eye. All that you need is packed into one app now!

You probably know that not every image looks good on a Retina display. Wallpaper Wizard solves this issue and offers you more than 25,000 images in one app. The developers of this software product, MacPaw team, improve the application on an ongoing basis. Otherwise stated, new patterns are added every month. Even if you set a fresh picture every day, it will take several years to view all of them.

The choice of desktop patterns is vast, varying from fantastic nature photos to abstract images and exciting depictions of cities. To find the best mode, you can either look through these albums or use specific keywords.

The app allows you to add several images to Roll, determine the interval when one image will change the other one and enjoy new image every time you look at the display of your computer.

As for the pricing policy, it should be added that there is a free trial version. After you test a free version, you’ll be offered to purchase your Wizard license (a starting price is $ 9.95).

Unsplash Wallpapers: Overview of the Main Features

This is one more wallpaper changer with similar functionality as the previous one has. It contains an extensive library of images for the desktop of your Mac. It is regarded to be the world’s best platform for HD photography. All wallpapers added to the library of Unsplash are done by professional photographers, traveling around the world and capturing the most amazing moments. All of them look good to the eye of Mac users.

It doesn’t matter what type of images you like most of all because the choice of desktop patterns is enormous: amazing cityscapes, space images, nature, oceans, beaches, flowers, etc.

The app is free and is available in the App store. You should download it, find the “Unsplash button” on your toolbar and select the most beautiful image. The developers made this app understandable for every user – now, you aren’t prepared to rack your brains about the question how to install the software and use it.

You can set the intervals and wallpapers will change every hour, day, week, etc. This feature is handy for those who forget about changing desktop patterns but wish to enjoy excellent photography every day. If you are a designer or a representative of other creative professions, these photos will be inspiring you!

As you see, both apps have similar functionality but which one is better? We can’t render this decision instead of you because all users have different requirements. Nevertheless, having analyzed customers’ testimonials, we decided that there is a category of users who complain about the work of Unsplash Wallpaper. They noticed sudden slowdowns, glitches, and other bugs. Some of them couldn’t launch the app; the other part of them couldn’t set a preference list, etc. Unsplash doesn’t allow you to set different images on different displays.

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