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In my professional career, some of the companies I worked for were purchased by new owners or eaten up by larger companies. Many times they would fire middle management and lay down a whole new set of rules. WHY? We were doing fine! That’s why you bought the company, right? To make money. Because they were doing fine … right? WRONG!

Often times a company sells because they see the writing on the wall. Current management has taken the company as far as they can or they need an infusion of cash or skills that they don’t currently have. We’ve have seen many companies go away because they couldn’t make the changes.

For years, I questioned why they would fire the middle management that made the company successful – the real sergeants that kept the soldiers and processes moving.

Shortly after owning my own company and buying another the light went on! I couldn’t get those middle managers to change their way of thinking. I could hear them grumbling: “This is how we always did it” and “They come in here thinking they know it all” and let’s not forget “I wish they had never sold to these guys, they are going to kill this company.” Many of those who had power and tenure under the old company now had none. They had to change or go!

Enter: Mr. Trump and the Swamp!

Its been a year. Markets are up. Unemployment down. Wages on the rise. Black and Hispanic unemployment rates are at all-time lows. First time in decades we have back to back 3+% GDP. Is everything perfect? NO! But things are getting much better.

Guess who is getting nervous? The OLD Democrat guard! (Some of the Old Republican guard are having issues also.) Nancy Pelosi came out and said the tax plan only helped the wealthy and that the $1000 bonuses were mere “crumbs” to workers. Well, Nancy is off her meds!

The tax plan hurts her and she can’t stand it. Nancy is in the top 1% of the 1% and in the mess known as California, her home state, she can’t take her very LARGE tax deduction anymore. Yes, it may be “crumbs” to her, $1000 is cookie jar money for her, but not to those people working her family’s tuna canning plants overseas, the ones who barely make enough to live on. She is wealthy and says she cares for the poor. Ask her to give each one of her employees $1000 bonus and watch her reaction… Hypocrite Nancy!

When exactly does that financial Armageddon hit? Is it after people get their $1000 bonus and spend it at stores to help create more jobs and more tax revenue? Or maybe when the average family will see anywhere from $1200 to $2100 in tax savings and once again go spend money locally?

Hey Chuck Schumer! Who receives more money from the financial services industry than any other elected? I’ll wait! That’s right. CHUCKIE does! Of all the money Wall Street gives to sitting Senators, Chuckie Schumer gets almost 15% it. But he’s such a man of integrity that I’m sure it doesn’t sway his decisions.

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Joe Messina

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