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Congress Must Establish Oversight Over the DOJ and FBI–ASAP!

(The author sent this on December 13, 2017.)

To: House Judiciary Committee Republicans and Other Key Contacts.

The seemingly never-ending deluge of revelations of serious problems, to include alleged criminal conduct, within the DOJ and the FBI has caused me to lose confidence in the DOJ and the FBI. It appears that the DOJ and the FBI have assumed autonomy. That is frightening. Diligent oversight should have kept those agencies in check but there has been an oversight failure. It is high time to rein them in before they become more rogue and more dangerous.

It is incumbent on Congress to establish firm oversight of the DOJ and the FBI post haste. Congress has the Constitutional obligation and power to do just that. Here is some pertinent information to assist you in your duties:

“Congress has three formal methods by which it can combat non-compliance with a duly issued subpoena. Each of these methods invokes the authority of a separate branch of government. First, the long-dormant inherent contempt power permits Congress to rely on its own constitutional authority to detain and imprison a contemnor until the individual complies with congressional demands. Second, the criminal contempt statute permits Congress to certify a contempt citation to the executive branch for the criminal prosecution of the contemnor. Finally, Congress may rely on the judicial branch to enforce a congressional subpoena. Under this procedure, Congress may seek a civil judgment from a federal court declaring that the individual in question is legally obligated to comply with the congressional subpoena.”

Respectfully submitted on December 13, 2017.
John Lucas

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