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Workers brazenly shop at work to secure great deals

New survey results from RetailMeNot.com show that over63% of employed consumers who plan to shop this holiday season intend to shop at work during Cyber Monday. What’s more is that employees seem to be getting more bold about their shopping: More than 53% are willing to get caught shopping while on the clock.

Shopping on the 9-to-5
Bosses beware. Employees are willing to go to great lengths to get the best deals on Cyber Monday. Here’s what the stats say:

  • 63.3% of employed consumers who plan to shop this holiday season intend to shop on the clock this Cyber Monday
  • 53.7% of employed consumers are willing to get caught shopping at work to secure great deals
  • 26.3% of consumers will take a long lunch, 9% would reschedule meetings or calls, and 9% will leave work early
  • With all these tactics, it’s no surprise that nearly 12% of employed consumers will take the entire day off to get the best deals on Cyber Monday

Preparation Is Key
To score the best deals of the season, RetailMeNot recommends putting a holiday shopping plan in place before the madness begins. First, shoppers should always put together a shopping list and assign each recipient a budget. Shoppers should also download savings apps like RetailMeNot, sign up for retailers’ newsletters and follow brands’ social pages to ensure even more discounts. Doing your research ahead of time is also a great way to stay ahead of the rest and be “in the know” with the latest product deals and where to find them. With a plan outlined, shoppers can breathe a little easier.

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