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Chain migration is a larger problem than previously thought

The White House released figures for “chain migration” broken down by country of origin for the first time ever.

The Department of Homeland Security, through the White House, released Thursday a report detailing those immigrants who were admitted into the U.S. because of familial relationship for a 10-year period from 2005 t0 2015.

Family-based immigration represents 70% of all green card issuance and is responsible for the largest number of uneducated, unskilled entrants into the country.

9.3 million immigrants are admitted to the United States based only on relationship to a current green card holder.

Every two immigrants bring in 7+ additional foreign relatives.

Broken down by country:

  • Mexico 1.73 million
  • Philippines 643k
  • India 614k
  • Pakistan 177k

Only 20% of green cards are given out to immigrants who have a solid job offer, desirable skills, and a real chance to contribute to American society.

Minorities suffer the most under family-based or chain migration. As a flood of unskilled workers arrives without needed job skills, American citizens find fewer available entry-level jobs that are often the best way for them to gain skills and move up the economic ladder.

While legislators support allowing spouses and children of immigrants to be given green cards, they would like to see extended family members not included.

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One Comment

  1. I’m curious as to why we don’t see the Central American countries included ???? But perhaps that’s because the majority from them are illegally here.

    “Chain Migration” isn’t new, just more prevalent During WW II we had ‘war brides’ that married American soldiers for a ‘pass’ to the USA visas and automatic paths to citizenship. with little or no vetting, just a signature from the commanding officer. Later they were allowed to have other family ‘join’ them.They were included in the quotas established in Immigration LAW Similar practice practice is still in effect for our military stationed out of country although a more stringent vetting is required.

    The screen door to our HOMEland has far too many holes that is allowing all kinds of undesirables to come and go at will. The torn corners and enlarged holes also let in poisonous snakes…..It must be repaired or replaced if we are still to call the United States of America home.

    Our Borders and laws are our first line of defense….If this is destroyed locking your car and house doors, fencing your yards willl be frugal and a waste of time.

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