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Tucker Carlson takes on Hollywood over Weinstein

 Tucker Carlson’s Thoughts: The Hollywood elite, liberal political establishment, the mainstream media and Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance are all responsible for legitimizing and enabling Harvey Weinstein‘s alleged sexual misdeeds. They’re now lying to cover their tracks.

Via Real Clear Politics “Tucker Carlson: Politicians and Media Enabled Weinstein, “They’re Now Lying To Cover Their Tracks”

TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS HOST: Good evening and welcome to TUCKER CARLSON TONIGHT. Disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein is reportedly planning to flee the country for France, taking a cue from his longtime friend, director and fugitive child rapist Roman Polanski. Weinstein’s friends in the movie business and in progressive politics pretend to be stunned and aghast at all of this.

This isn’t the Harvey Weinstein we knew, they claimed an anguished interviews arranged by their publicist. We’re appalled. Right. Except, it’s exactly the Harvey Weinstein they knew, the same one that Seth McFarlane joked about at the Academy Award nominee announcements.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Congratulations. You five ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein.



CARLSON: When they mock your lecturing from the stage of one of the highest rated shows on television, it’s not a secret, and indeed it wasn’t. McFarlane now says he heard about Weinstein’s harassment from one of his many victims at the time. McFarlane knew so did everyone else. They are lying about it. Who specifically is lying? Here’s a partial list.

Pretty much every a-list actor who once worked for Harvey Weinstein. Most of them are now saying how shocked they are. Please, they all knew. A couple of them called “The New York Times” in 2004 on Weinstein’s behalf to stop an expose on his sexual harassment. They didn’t know the truth then? Come on, of course they did. That’s why they killed the story.

NBC News, they had the story months ago but they didn’t run it. Ronan Farrow, a former MSNBC anchor originally did the investigation for NBC News but they refused to air it. So they took it to the New Yorker magazine which published the blockbuster yesterday. NBC News President Noah Oppenheim now says, Farrow just didn’t have it nailed down. That’s absurd.

Pharaoh had videotaped testimony from eight separate women according to the Daily Beast. Plus, the New York Police Department audiotape of Harvey Weinstein confessing. If that’s not a solid new story, nothing is. And yet NBC cravenly caved to pressure and killed the piece. They ought to be ashamed. Keep in mind, this is the same company that secretly gave the Billy Bush Access Hollywood taped to “The Washington Post” during the last campaign, almost a year ago.

They are a political shop, not a news organization. They’ve got to stop pretending otherwise. And then there’s Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, he clearly had enough evidence years ago to prosecute Harvey Weinstein for groping a model, including that videotape confession. Instead he let Weinstein go. Shortly after Harvey Weinstein’s lawyer sent Cy Vance a $10,000 donation. Coincidence? Right.

And what about Tina Brown? In the late 1990s, Brown left the New York magazine to partner with Weinstein on a magazine called Talk. Brown conceded yesterday, there were whispers about Weinstein’s behavior. She admits she saw Weinstein routinely give favorable treatment to beautiful women he was cultivating. She saw him quash negative articles about himself by leaking information about other stars.

Despite all of that Brown tells us, nobody really knew for sure. Oh, come on. I worked for Talk Magazine at the time. Trust me, Tina Brown knew. She was Weinstein’s business partner for two years and a famously perceptive person. And yet until now, she’s never mentioned any of it. It’s not like she never had the chance. For the past seven years, Tina Brown has run the Women in the World Summit which brings together socially conscious feminist like Hillary Clinton and Meryl Streep to discuss the challenges women face worldwide.

A single word from Brown in any of these conferences might have saved a lot of women, a lot of pain at the hands of Harvey Weinstein. But Tina Brown didn’t say a word, nor did Hillary Clinton nor Meryl Streep, both longtime friends of Harvey Weinstein’s. We could go on and on. Hollywood protected and legitimized Harvey Weinstein with the active help of Democratic Party luminaries like Barack and Michelle Obama. But Weinstein is not the only predator who has found a welcome home in the movie business.

In 1988, film Director Victor Salva molested a 12-year-old boy who was acting on a film he was working on. We can be sure this happened because Salva videotape to the crime. Salva was charged, convicted, and served time in prison. Then he went back to work in Hollywood. Walt Disney studios, the same company that gave you the Lion King and Frozen, hired Salva to direct the film “Powder” in 1995.

Since then, Salva has made several other movies including the “Jeepers Creepers” horror franchise. He’s also a member in good standing of the Directors Guild of America, whose top officers include a left-wing Director Jon Favreau and Ron Howard. By all accounts, nobody in the movie business judges him. And they don’t. Hollywood is corrupt. The powerful prey upon the week and nobody is held accountable. That is the lesson of the Harvey Weinstein saga.

It’s a world the police don’t touch. It’s a world that is unwilling to police itself. It’s far past time for the federal government to step in here to protect the vulnerable and there are many of them. Weinstein and his enablers intimidated “The New York Times,” NBC News, the Manhattan District Attorney. They are unlikely to be as effective with the Justice Department.

Harvey Levin is the founder of TMZ, also hosts “OBJECTIFIED” on Sundays at 8 p.m. right here on FOX. We’re proud to have him. He has of the very latest on the story and has from day one. Harvey, what is the latest?

HARVEY LEVIN, FOUNDER, TMZ: Well, the latest is pretty shocking that Harvey Weinstein’s daughter called 911 at about 11:00 this morning and reported that her dad was suicidal and depressed. And there was a major argument that went down outside of her home. Weinstein was there. They took it into the street. He was screaming at his daughter, “You are making it worse! He tried flagging down a random car to get away. Didn’t get in the car. They went back in the house.

Harvey came back out and jumped in a black Suburban before the police arrived. They came roaring over because of the 911 call. And at that point, Ramey, the daughter told police, well, it wasn’t really a suicide attempt, it was just a family dispute. So, she backed off what she had called about. But, you know, obviously, you know, this is a guy who’s a world collapsed. His wife left him. He lost his job. He’s now the subject of scorn and ridicule all over the world. So, it seems like it’s taking its toll.

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