Trump Announces Iran Strategy [Live Stream]

President Donald Trump will announce his strategy on Iran from the Diplomatic Reception Room in the White House Friday afternoon.

“It is time for the entire world to join us in demanding that Iran’s government end its pursuit of death and destruction,” Trump is expected to say.

It is widely expected that the president will choose not to recertify the Iran nuclear deal and ask Congress to take steps to halt the country’s ballistic missile program, nuclear weapons program, and the theocratic state’s support for terrorism.

The sentiment in Congress is leaning towards doing nothing – which aligns with their strategy on just about everything.

The president’s action opens three possible courses of action for Congress. They could follow Trump’s plan, unilaterally impose sanctions, or do nothing. The sentiment in Congress is leaning towards doing nothing – which aligns with their strategy on just about everything.

“President Trump’s speech today on Iran will present a comprehensive strategy to stop Iranian efforts to become a nuclear power, oppose their play for regional hegemony and address their support for terrorism,” the Security Studies Group tweeted Friday.

CDN reported this morning that the White House believes that Iran’s major threats include:

  • Ballistic missile development and proliferation
  • Material and financial support for terrorism and extremism
  • Support for the Assad regimes atrocities against the Syrian people
  • Unrelenting hostility to Israel
  • Consistently threatening freedom of navigation, especially in the strategically vital Persian Gulf
  • Cyber-attacks against the United States, Israel, and Americas other allies and partners in the Middle East
  • Grievous human rights abuses
  • Arbitrary detention of foreigners, including United States citizens, on specious charges and without due process.

The speech is scheduled for 12:45 pm EDT.

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