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SpaceX to Launch and Land Two Falcon 9 Rockets Next Week

Update: The Falcon 9/SES-11/Echostar 105 launch set for Saturday has been delayed until Oct 11. SpaceX will no longer have two launches in a 48-hour window. The Iridium mission set for Monday is still a go.

SpaceX is set to launch and land two Falcon 9 rockets next week after pushing a planned Saturday launch to Wednesday.

The launches will be held at facilities on different coasts, weather permitting. First, a Falcon 9 will launch from Vandenburg Air Force Base in California at 8:37 AM EDT on Monday and the second will launch from Kennedy Space Center in Florida just before 7 pm EDT on Wednesday.

The first launch will carry an EchoStar 105/SES-11 satellite that will service media needs in North America. This Falcon 9 first stage is a recycled “previously flown” booster. Those that would like to view the launch in person can do so at the Kennedy Space Center’s Apollo/Saturn V facility, tickets are required.

The second launch will carry 10 Iridium satellites (numbered 21 thru 30) on a single rocket as the satellite communications company seeks to establish their Next Mobile communications constellation and service. This is the third Iridium launch for SpaceX who has been contracted to deliver 75 Iridium satellites into orbit.

CDN will carry live streams of the launches so keep an eye on our SpaceX page for updates.

Elon Musk last week revealed an updated look at SpaceX’s BFR, possibly the coolest name for a rocket ever. Officially, the Interplanetary Transport System (ITS), the demonstration position the BFR for intercontinental travel, moon base building and trips to Mars where Musk hopes to establish a city. His presentation came just ahead of President Donald Trump’s signing of an executive order that restarted the National Space Council. Chair of the council, Vice President Mike Pence, opened the inaugural meeting of the council Thursday morning.

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