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Report: Roger Goodell Won’t Require NFL Players to Stand for Anthem

The National Football League has executed a flea flicker play and will NOT require players to stand during the national anthem.

Despite earlier reports that Commissioner Roger Goodell had sent a letter to teams that no kneeling would be allowed, that has been reversed and it now appears that the protests will continue indefinitely with the league’s blessing.

Via Reuters “NFL not seeking mandate for players to stand during anthem”:

The NFL said on Friday it has no plans to mandate players stand for the U.S. national anthem, but will rather present a possible solution on how to end the controversial protests when it meets with team owners next week.

Commissioner Roger Goodell, along with the head of the NFL Players Association, will meet with the owners from Oct. 17-18 in New York where the issue of player protests during the U.S. national anthem is expected to command much attention.

“(Goodell) has a plan that he is going to present to owners about how to use our platform to both raise awareness and make progress on issues of social justice and equality in this country,” NFL spokesman Joe Lockhart said on a conference call.

“What we don’t have is a proposal that changes our policy, we don’t have something that mandates anything. That’s clear. If that was the case I doubt the head of the NFLPA would have put a joint statement out with us.”

Any plan hatched by Goodell is likely to horribly backfire, just as his failure to nip his player rebellion in the bud has.

Expect an announcement that the league will appease the malcontents by formally agreeing to recognize a “social justice” campaign that serves to reinforce the anti-police attitudes of Colin Kaepernick or even provide him with a platform.

The report is indicative of the decline of the league under Goodell’s tenure and the effort to accommodate both sides fails to recognize that the fans are the ones whose voices are being ignored.

It’s all about the money, that is the ONLY thing that the NFL cares about.

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