Thousands of Empty Seats in San Francisco an Indication that NFL Has Serious Issues

Thursday night’s NFL contest between the visiting Los Angeles Rams and hometown San Francisco 49ers provided a good look at a very serious problem for the league in terms of ratings and customer appeal.

There were tens of thousands of empty seats at Levi’s Stadium, a venue that some idiots decided should be built around 40 miles from the occupant’s host city in a corporate monstrosity that would never have the appeal of the old Candlestick Park.

There were already signs that this one was going to be a disaster with reports that tickets were selling for as low as $14 or the cost of two of the overpriced pretzels for sale at the venue’s concession stands.

The matchup was not one that would seem to attract many, these two teams were putrid last season and the starting quarterbacks were Jared Goff and journeyman Brian Hoyer – hardly the star power that a prime-time game should feature.

Still, one would expect that with ticket prices deeply discounted that fans would turn out to support their home team that has finally is at least physically rid of the toxic militant Colin Kaepernick, their former Super Bowl quarterback turned radicalized anti-American, anti-cop social justice messiah.

The 49ers brass claims that over 60,000 attended the game but who are you going to believe, them or your own lying eyes?

Hey, I was wrong when I predicted this one to be of the biggest dog games of the year.

It actually turned out to be a great game – I wasn’t watching – that was a thrilling back and forth contest that ended up being the highest scoring game EVER on Thursday night football when the Rams won 41-39. It was actually like one of those college shootouts between inferior schools where a lack of talent on defense allows offensives to run wild.

Unfortunately for the NFL, nobody was watching which in a way may be a blessing rather than try to explain away those tens of thousands of fans who came dressed as empty seats.

The Rams may not be as bad as people would think – other than the eyesore of those mustard yellow uniforms – but thanks to Kaepernick, the 49ers have been busted back to zero and will give the Browns and Jets a serious run for the top draft pick next year.

There will be a LOT more empty seats at Levi’s Stadium this year and ratings will continue to plummet as enough people have had all that they are going to take of the oppressed multi-millionaire militants spitting on the flag and now they even want an entire month where the NFL will endorse their hatred for the flag and the police.

Cheer up though, the Major League Baseball playoffs are coming as is NHL hockey season.

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