Classy NHL Champ Pittsburgh Penguins Will Visit with Trump at White House

Shortly after the entire Pittsburgh Steelers team announced that it would be protesting the national anthem during today’s game at Chicago, the Iron City’s professional hockey franchise confirmed that they would be accepting President Trump’s invitation to the White House.

Why? Out of RESPECT for the office.

The NHL’s reigning champion, the Pittsburgh Penguins have acknowledged that they would graciously accept President Trump’s invitation to be honored at the White House.

The announcement comes one day after the ingrate NBA Golden State Warriors and their $201 million baby Stephen Curry went all stompy-feet and refused to go, something that they had been mulling for months.

Via The Hill “Pittsburgh Penguins accept White House invitation”:

The Pittsburgh Penguins said on Sunday that the NHL team has accepted an invitation to visit the White House this year.

In a statement Sunday, the Penguins said the team respects the institution of the office of the president and the “long tradition of championship teams visiting the White House.”

“We attended White House ceremonies after previous championships – touring the historic building and visiting briefly with Presidents George H.W. Bush and Barack Obama – and have accepted an invitation to attend again this year,” the statement said. “Any agreement or disagreement with a president’s politics, policies or agenda can be expressed in other ways. However, we very much respect the rights of other individuals and groups to express themselves as they see fit.”

The announcement from the Stanley Cup champions comes one day after the NBA champion Golden State Warriors announced they would not meet with President Trump, as is the tradition.

Trump praised the Penguins who chose to reject divisiveness in honor of tradition as well as respect for the office of the POTUS.

Something that they overpaid heels on the Golden State Warrior could have chosen to do despite their hatred of Trump.

With the NFL and NBA both now fully polluted by Trump Derangement Syndrome and an explosion of latent racism against white America, this is a golden opportunity for the National Hockey League to make a play for market share by taking the high road, unlike their fellow leagues which chose the gutter.

For some reason, ice hockey has never caught on in America the way that other sports have but it’s a great sport to watch. Fast, action-packed, hard-hitting and most of all CLASSY. I’ve been a fan for decades and for those who are sick of the politics and greed of the NFL, you might want to give the NHL a look to satisfy your sports Jones.

You won’t see bums disrespecting the flag and anthem in the NHL and the Penguins are the epitome of true champions for their refusal to enlist in the war against Trump.

The Penguins will begin the quest for their third consecutive title on October 4th versus the St. Louis Blues at PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh.

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