An Entire Third Grade Football Team Protests National Anthem

For any who may have had a hope that the poisonous anti-Americanism as expressed by “race messiah” Colin Kaepernick and his cult following could be contained, this story should send a cold chill down your spines.

In a gesture of support toward the violent thugs rioting in St. Louis, a child’s football team that is comprised of third graders all protested the national anthem during a game this weekend.

Coach Orlando Gooden’s squad engaged in a flipping of their little middle fingers in the face of the oppressive white supremacist system on Sunday when they took a knee before their game on Sunday as a new generation of militants is being birthed right before the nation’s eyes.

Children of such a young age aren’t cognitively capable of possessing a developed and working knowledge of history or the experience of dealing with the complex issues of a rapidly changing society and their coach isn’t doing them any favors by radicalizing them. It’s akin to what is seen in countries where Radical Islam is spoonfed to kids by the fanatics at madrassas.

To make such a decision to diss the flag is likely attributable to the coach as well as the parents who instead of working to develop their children to fit into society, are living vicariously through their kids to stick it to the man.

Gooden admitted that he had elevated Kaepernick to the level of a heroic figure despite the truth that he is a rogue militant opportunist and serves as an indication of the sort of radicalism that is being taught to impressionable kids at an at this time unknown number of schools that are serving as indoctrination centers to extreme leftism and racial separatism.

The man should have been fired on the spot had school authorities had anything even rembling a spine.

According to St. Louis Fox Affiliate FOX 2 NOW “8-year-old Cahokia football team kneels during anthem ahead of recent game”:

Every player on the Cahokia Quarterback Club football team (8 and under) took a knee during the national anthem ahead of Sunday’s game at Little Devil’s Field in Belleville.

“One of the kids asked me if I saw (people) protesting and rioting in St. Louis. I said yes; I said, ‘Do you know why they are doing it?’” said Coach Orlando Gooden.

Coach Gooden said his player responded, “Because black people are getting killed and nobody’s going to jail.”

Gooden, who played football at Mizzou, said the kids knew about the Jason Stockley decision.

“I felt like it was a good teaching moment for me to circle the team and have a meeting,” he said.

The coach said he spoke to them about that and other situations that have happened in our country. He then explained why former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick started kneeling during the anthem.

“One of the kids asked, ‘Can we do that?’ I said, ‘As long as we know why we’re doing it, I don’t have a problem with any of it.’”

When the anthem started, the Cahokia third graders immediately took a knee where they were standing. Their backs were away from the flag—but not on purpose—according to Gooden.

“What I teach my kids is love, integrity, honesty, fairness, respect and boundaries,” he said.

All the parents on the team supported the coach’s decision to take a knee. However, a Facebook post by Gooden’s wife was met with some backlash.

“As long as I have support of my parents and team, I’m perfectly fine, and I’m covered under the First Amendment to peacefully protest and assemble,” Gooden said.

As surreal as it may be, we now live in a time where a mediocre, unemployed NFL quarterback is being treated like the second coming of Martin Luther King Jr.

You just can’t make stuff like this up!

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  1. One of my missions as a black parent, was to make sure POS such as this coach, did not get to influence my kid any more than absolutely neccessary. This is garbage, and I would have pulled my kid off the field, and maybe have planted my foot in someone’s posterier.

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