The Democrats’ Love Affair With Racism

This is not one of those articles that tell the story how it was the Democrats who were in favor of slavery. Or how it was the Democrats who fought the War Between The States trying to preserve slavery. Or how it was the Democrats, who instituted the Jim Crow laws in the South. Or how it was Lyndon Johnson a Democrat, who said, “I’ll have these niggers voting Democrat for the next 200 years.” It’s not one of those articles, although it’s all true.

Why the Democrats love racism is because it is the only platform they have. They need racism so they can play the race card every time an election comes near. You see playing identity politics is the only way they can win elections.

It’s funny how the blacks keep voting Democrat when it is the Democratic Party that’s been keeping them down ever since reconstruction. They preach to the black community how they are oppressed and that they are victims and they need the Democrats to move them up the ladder of society. But voting cycle after cycle goes by and they are still in the same place.

Now we have crazy people on the left trying to tear down our history by removing statues of Confederate generals. Gee, all of a sudden the Democrats in the Senate are appalled that there are Confederate statues in the halls of our nation’s capital. Suddenly they find them “reprehensible” symbols of racism. I bet that they passed those statues tens of thousands of times without giving them a single thought. Why are they so outraged now? Because they see it might be advantages politically, that’s why.

Let’s face it, the Democrats need racism and division in this country, that’s the only way they seem to win elections, but I don’t think that will work anymore or maybe it will.

This is one man’s opinion.

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One Comment

  1. How tragic it is that so many of those passing the Statues of History are equally unaware they still wear the chains of slavery beyond the cotton fields and they are still dependent on the “Massa’ to feed them.

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