Special Session Called to Oust Missouri Senator Who Wanted Trump DEAD

Missouri State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal’s apology to President Donald Trump and his family after her controversial social media post that she wanted him to be assassinated doesn’t appear to be enough to let her fat ass wriggle off the hook.

The Democrat has faced increasing pressure to resign from her seat, something that to this point she is refusing to do but she may no longer have much say in the matter as the wheels are in motion to forcibly oust her from the state legislature.

Lt. Governor Mike Parson who is a Republican, sent out a letter requesting a special session that would be convened to throw her out of the state government.

Via St. Louis television station KMOV 4 “Special session possible to oust Chappelle-Nadal”:

The backlash continues for Democratic Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal from a posted comment on Facebook last week that expressed hope that President Donald Trump would be assassinated.

Republican Lt. Gov. Mike Parson sent a letter to senators Tuesday urging Chappelle-Nadal be expelled. “I am calling on the Missouri Senate to go into special session in conjunction with Veto Session, with the purpose of expelling Senator Chappelle-Nadal from the body under the authority vested to the Senate under Article III, Section 18 of the Missouri Constitution.”

Chappelle-Nadal offered a personal apology to the president and his family on Sunday but has resisted calls to resign. Missouri U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill, Congressman Lacy Clay and the Missouri Democratic Party have called for her resignation.

Sen. Paul Wieland of Jefferson County and Sen. Dave Schatz of Franklin County, both Republicans, told News 4 if Chappelle-Nadal doesn’t step down, the senate should step in and remove her from office.

Parson’s request for a special session came hours after Republican and Democratic state Senate leaders removed Chappelle-Nadal from all of her legislative committee assignments.

There will certainly be cries of protest from her defenders that she just made a mistake and is being unjustly persecuted for being a successful black woman, some may even suggest that she is being lynched.

Protests will likely take place if and when the special session commences but she has nobody to blame but herself for what was an incredibly stupid act.

Social media is monitored by political opponents and other citizens looking to hold their elected officials accountable and this dummy thought that she would be immune to the consequences for her actions.

Now that it has been made clear by both the Governor and Lieutenant Governor as well as the head of the state Democratic party that she has to go, Chappelle-Nadal must resign or she will be yanked out like a rotten tooth.

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