DNC Head Tom Perez Calls for Democrats to Compete in Every Zip Code

Tom Perez, the abject moron who is currently running the Democratic National Committee seems to be in way over his head these days.

Not only is the DNC running way behind Republicans as it tries to fundraise itself out of a hole after flushing money down the toilet on four special elections that were advertised as referendums on President Trump, but the party still has no message other than Russian paranoia and identity politics.

Perez though seems that he has the answer and that is to come up with a plan to make the Democrats competitive in EVERY zip code from sea to shining sea.

According to The Hill “DNC chairman: Dems ‘have to have an every ZIP code strategy’”:

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez said Thursday that Democrats should have an “every zip code strategy” going forward.

Responding to a question from MSNBC’s Chuck Todd about whether the party has a messaging and branding problem, Perez said that the party needs to fight across the country.

“We have to have an every zip code strategy and that’s what we’re doing, and we have to lead with our values,” Perez said.

Perez pointed to healthcare as a key issue for Democrats in 2018, saying it is “tragic” that the president and Republican Congress are targeting Medicaid in their efforts on health care reform.

Democrats discussing how to win back the House in next year’s midterms have debated what kind of candidates to back, and whether they should compete in every district. Such debates have taken place within the party for decades, including when former DNC chairman Howard Dean advocated a 50-state strategy.

Todd asked if Perez wanted the party to be as Dean had envisioned it, to be “for the guy who drives a pickup truck with a Confederate flag in the corner of the window, and a gun rack.”

“I want the party to be for the working person,” Perez said.

It’s tough to be a party for the working person while backing a failed healthcare program that continues to stick it to exactly those people who continue to be victimized by lousy choices and obscene premiums that go up, up and away on an annual basis.

It’s also not a good idea to promote a national $15 minimum wage which would hurt those very workers as costs rise and jobs are shed in order to compensate. Nor is trying to overthrow the legit President of the United States based on a hoax, a president who actually does care about the working class if only he wasn’t the subject of a costly and anti-American witch hunt.

Perez is just a clown who talks out of his ass, the Democrats will NEVER be competitive in every zip code simply because they are way out of the mainstream and controlled by their freakish California liberal donors, politicians and activists.

Good luck with that idea buddy!

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Donn Marten

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