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Country Music Legend Charlie Daniels Compares Leftist Statue Slayers to ISIS

Country music legend and all-around patriotic American Charlie Daniels isn’t known as being one who shrinks from saying that which is true no matter how much that some people may hate to hear it.

During this hideous week of media-generated fear and loathing, anyone who dares to defend our national history by suggesting that tearing down Confederate statues is wrong risks being labeled as a Nazi, getting fired from their jobs or worse.

But in times of extreme intolerance and wall-to-wall propaganda that plays right into the hands of a rising tide of totalitarianism, the true mettle of a man is tested and those who ignore the herd mentality are as rare as they are courageous.

That would be Daniels, who has made it very clear that those who are ripping down statues are no better than any of history’s worst monsters and in this case, he nailed it dead on by pointing out that the war on statues is like something that ISIS would do.

Via Fox News “Charlie Daniels compares taking down Confederate statues to ISIS: ‘Where does it stop?’”:

Charlie Daniels compared removing Confederate statues in America to ISIS destroying historical sites in Iraq and Syria.

“That’s what ISIS is doing over in places,” Daniels told Newsmax TV. “There were pieces of history that they didn’t like, they were taking them down.”

The 80-year-old added, “Where does it stop? Is it going to be Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson or are we headed into Jefferson, Washington, who were both slave owners? How deep into history are we going to go?”

Daniels said it’s important to accept that there are “people who were part of our history who were not very savory characters.”

The “Devil Went Down to Georgia” singer’s suggestion if you don’t like the statues?

“If you don’t like it, don’t look at it,” he suggested.

That would seem to be good advice as well as the customary practice in regards to statues that in some cases, have stood for over a century without being torn down to erase a piece of history that a minority of extremists find offensive.

If the statues were so horrible, why didn’t Obama call for them to be torn down? It never seemed to be an issue before this summer.

And he is also correct that it won’t stop with the Confederate statues.

Already there are calls to tear down statues of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson and once these men and the Founding Fathers are deemed to be racists and slaveowners, the U.S. Constitution itself can be targeted as well.

What is needed are more voices like Daniels making the necessary comparison, if enough speak up then perhaps the media will dial down their hate-mongering commentary and fake news and the fever will break although it’s probably too far gone for that to happen at this point.

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