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Oregon City’s Greenway Sweeps Aim to Assist Homeless Veterans

Perhaps one of the most under-reported stories of all are the problems that America’s veterans face once they return home from the battlefield.

Our fine servicemen and servicewomen laid it all on the line, witnessed horrible things under extreme conditions only to return to a society that not only is ready to forget their sacrifice but ignores them entirely as if they are inconvenient blights on the national landscape.

In the era of the permanent election cycle and torrents of deranged conspiracy sleaze about President Trump and the Russians, where is the common decency of establishment media organizations to step up to the patriotic plate and advocate for our veterans who need a helping hand?

Untold thousands of veterans are homeless, suffering from PTSD and addiction related problems and in need of decent jobs.

It is one of the great shames of modern times. There are those who attempt to assist the vets although it needs to become an election issue in order for it to gain the national attention that it deserves.

One such effort to assist comes from authorities who along with a local veterans organization in Medford, Oregon have been conducting “greenway sweeps” that allow them to get homeless vets off of the streets and provide them information on available resources.

According to a story from southern Oregon NBC affiliate KOBE 5 News “Police, veterans organization participate in greenway sweep”:

Local law enforcement agencies joined together to conduct a sweep along the Bear Creek Greenway Tuesday morning.

The cleanup effort was conducted between the Jackson County Expo and Blackwell Road.

Deputies with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office were assisted by Medford Police, the Central Point Police Department and the Rogue Valley Veterans Outreach.

According to the City of Medford, sweeps of the greenway have led to 50 homeless veterans getting off the street.

Mike Whitfield is an outreach specialist for the Rogue Valley Veterans Outreach. He said greenway sweeps not only make the area safer and cleaner, they’re connecting veterans with vital services to help them achieve stable housing. It’s an effort he calls “pretty incredible.”


Just take a few minutes to consider the plight of homeless veterans, they deserve far better than what they have received from the politicians and the media.

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