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Editor’s Note to staff on the Fourth

As we head out to celebrate the independence of the United States, I spent several hours on an email to my staff about how I will “celebrate.”

Honoring those that protect the opportunities open to us is the best way to celebrate and here’s what I sent to the entire CDN staff:

As we all enjoy this Fourth of July, I am reminded of the great work you have all done to advance liberty. Please remember why we work so hard.

As a veteran, I also remember fallen brothers, injured heroes and those that bothered to hold up the flag while others attacked.

That is my Fourth.

I will enjoy some BBQ, do some fishing and visit family, I will also be sharing that day with a bronze star marine, a Vietnam era submariner, more than one Desert Storm vet, a corpsman, and other veterans.

It used to include a WWII pilot and another that was a Korean war vet. We still remember them even though they have moved on.

My Fourth is with my family and we love this country – for at least four generations we have volunteered ourselves in service to defend these United States.

Please, just remember that the Fourth isn’t just about a day off. Take some time to remember those who make sure there will be a next one.

Best Regards,

Rich Mitchell, editor-in-chief

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Rich Mitchell

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