Democrats Risk Crying “Wolf” Once Too Often

Democrats and their accomplices in the press are setting themselves up for failure with repeated and constant Trump/Russia Collusion lies. The public is sick of hearing fabricated stories – each one more sensational than the last. Each story containing a vague charge of being improper or illegal or something. One day a columnist may indeed find some verifiable dirt on Trump, but by then the cry of “gotcha” will have become so common that no one will pay any attention.

But this demented habit of Democrats to latch onto some unprovable, unworkable negative thing and ride it so hard that the public sickens of hearing about it is part of what Jamie Dimon, the Chairman, President, and CEO of JPMorgan Chase, the largest of the big four banks in the United States, last week referred to as the “stupid s**t” that America has to deal with.

Mr. Dimon was assuredly talking about all of the backtalk Republicans get when they attempt to get the economy rolling by lowering taxes, but are blocked from any such action by the Democrats and liberal Republicans who complain that any such reduction is only helping the rich get richer and not helping the middle class at all. But these same leftists who make that argument are the very ones who have ruined healthcare to the point that the high deductible rates of the so-called “affordable” Obamacare, make it impossible to use by many in the middle class who are forced by law to buy it, because of its ruinous costs for each use. The leftists destroy healthcare, and when a Republican tries to fix the problem by getting rid of the ruinous aspects, they are blamed as the ones trying to deny healthcare and trying to kill those who depend on the government-subsidized Obamacare.

Mr. Dimon’s “stupid s**t” remark also applies to the minimum wage, which may raise the pay for some people at the bottom of the economic ladder, but it still leaves them making so little money that they can’t really be said to have benefited substantially from the increase. And each increase to the minimum wage ends up denying positions once held by many unskilled and lower-wage earners people whose positions are eliminated by the minimum wage law.

Mr. Dimon’s remarks also include the failed Obamacare, so Americans must insist that their legislators, both in the House and in the Senate, support President Trump’s policies for repealing Obamacare and for lowering taxes on all Americans. The left will never let up on the Trump/Russia collusion thing, but we can at least make progress on Trump’s policy fronts, and this progress would set the stage for additional future progress when people who are sitting back and watching the Washington characters tie each other in knots, see some sensible progress being made on tax reform and the building of the wall on our southern border and become more vocal and involved in the fiasco occurring in our nation’s capital.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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