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Utopian University: The Ultimate Safe Space [Video]

Adam Corolla and Dennis Prager unveil the ultimate college campus: Utopian University.

“We prepare our students for the modern workforce by helping them discover their true gender, sexuality, and racial identity,” a professor at the beginning of the video says.

Utopian University illustrates much of what is wrong with the modern higher education system. Colleges and universities are no longer focused on helping students ready themselves for the workforce, but are instead focused on social justice and other nonsensical meanderings.

“We judge people based on racial origin and history of oppression,” a student says into the camera. “We call it the progressive ‘stat’,” another responds.

The video shows a confusing montage of students claiming to be from a racial heritage that doesn’t match their physical identity.

“At Utopian University, there are no violent words to hurt me,” one female student says. Another threatens, “I punch puch you if you’re a fascist.”

If nothing else, the promotional video shows us that college is an excellent place where young people can go to “learn that everything your parents taught you is wrong.”

Ah heck, watch the whole thing for yourself. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so true.


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