We Don’t Need A Politburo When We have The Democrat Party

Did I miss something? Did the Commies win the cold war? I could have sworn that the Berlin wall was removed and that the West won the competition for liberty, democracy, and prosperity in the world.

But the United States has ended up with a lying Democrat political party that disobeys the constitution, opens up our borders to anyone who wants in, won’t enforce duly passed laws, is partners with a corrupt press that makes up the news as it wants current events to be understood each day, forces everyone to buy their national healthcare offering, persecutes and lies about the man elected to be our president only five months ago, has no problem with fraudulent voting as long as it‘s for the Democrat candidate, claims that Russia stole the last presidential election (although President Obama stated firmly at the time of the election that no votes were nor could have been tampered with), and is accompanied by the DNC which ran a fraudulent primary election with the deck stacked against Bernie Sanders and in favor of Hillary, with no chance Bernie was going to become the Democrat candidate for president.

So why go to the expense and trouble of a Politburo when we have a totalitarian, corrupt Democrat party in our own backyard?

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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