Democrats Have a Huge Problem and It’s Name is Hillary Clinton

It’s now been over six months since the election and Hillary Clinton’s anger is only intensifying as she continues her journey to the outermost reaches of reality.

Having successfully propagated the hoax that Russian interference in the election is the main reason that she lost, Mrs. Clinton is by all appearances launching her 2020 campaign to take back that which was stolen her.

Following several appearances over the last few months where she sniped at President Trump and dressed up in a leather jacket that looked like it was fished out of the costume bin for the science fiction movie “Dune”, Hillary is howling with rage on a near daily basis now.

Last weekend, during a tour de force of a commencement speech at her alma matter Wellesley College, Clinton hacked, wheezed, and gave a demagogic performance reminiscent of Hitler’s early days rousing the rabble in German beer halls.

She has joined fellow Dems Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren in hijacking college graduations to give political speeches, a shameful practice that only serves to further inflame the new leftist radicalism on campus.

To call Mrs. Clinton a bitter clinger doesn’t do justice to what she really is – a ravenous parasite that is in the process of destroying its host – the Democratic Party.

Crooked Hillary is clearly burning with anger that she was rejected by the voters and now inhabits a bubble in which the atmosphere has been poisoned by conspiracy theories and denial.

This was evident on Wednesday when Clinton appeared at the techie conclave Recode Code Conference in Palos Verde, California and quickly made everything about herself and how she was cheated out of making history as the nation’s first woman president. According to Hillary, the email scandal was the biggest “nothing-burger” of all time but it was she who decided to have that homebrew server in the first place.

Clinton’s talk revealed a hateful, bitter and pathetic old woman who is still refuses to accept that her devastating loss in November was her own damned fault.

Instead Hillary blamed former FBI Director James Comey, misogynists, the Russians, the Media, the DNC, Putin, unrealistic expectations, the Russians, white supremacists, Facebook, Twitter, Barack Obama, fake news, 1,000 Russian agents, Alex Jones, WikiLeaks and most importantly – the Russians.

She also suggested that Trump’s enigmatic tweet of the word “covfefe” was a hidden message to the Russians.

Someone, anyone please fetch the Thorazine and the butterfly nets.

Clinton then accused American citizens of treason by claiming that the Russians couldn’t have sunk her battleship on their own without American assistance. It is an alarming view into the new totalitarian left that is rapidly morphing into a Stalinist movement.

Remember, this is a woman who was raving about a “vast right-wing conspiracy” two decades ago and remains haunted by those phantoms to this very day.

Clinton tried to blame the DNC for faulty polling to which Andrew Therriault, the DNC’s data science guru rebutted as “f*cking bullshit” and that it was Hillary’s crackerjack team of screw-ups led by neo-McCarthyist Robby Mook who ignored warnings about Wisconsin and Michigan.

It wasn’t Vladimir Putin who advised her to spend so much time pandering to identity groups and hanging out with foul-mouthed rappers, cop hating diva Beyoncé and multimillionaire basketball player LeBron James on the weekend before the election instead of visiting white working-class people in the Rust Belt.

It was Hillary’s decision to embrace Goldman Sachs while essentially spitting on these white voters that turned the Rust Belt into her campaign’s killing fields as that impregnable “Blue Wall” came crashing down on election night.

Now that Hillary is back out on the campaign trail, the Democrats are in deep, deep trouble.

She remains their most prominent voice and has an army of angry loyalists at her command. She is also a celebrity who is guaranteed free media coverage which she will continue to take advantage of in order to inveigh against those who in her twisted mind robbed her of her destiny.

It’s difficult to see how the already weakened party is going to be able to fend off this deranged, corrupt, blood-soaked succubus who like a zombie, just refuses to go away and die.

Despite denials, it is probably a safe bet that Mrs. Clinton will once again get the party nomination in the next presidential election and will lose by a huge margin. The Democrats are like a big stupid donkey, there just isn’t a stick big enough to beat any sense into their heads but hey, their party logo is that of a jackass.

Maybe another crushing general election loss will do the trick and finally free the captive party to pound a stake through this ghoulish political vampire’s heart.

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Donn Marten

Donn Marten is a fearless truth teller who calls it like he sees it despite the prevailing establishment narrative. The opinions expressed belong solely to this author and not do not necessarily reflect those of CDN itself.

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