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NASA photos turned into Stunning video of Jupiter flyby

NASA’s Juno spacecraft passes closely to Jupiter once every six weeks taking sensor readings and pictures over a 2 hour period. A set of enthusiasts then took those images and produced this amazing 2-minute video as the probe goes from the planet’s north pole to its southern pole.

The video comes from the May 19, 2017,  flyby of the gas giant. Once NASA released the still photos, enthusiasts Gerald Eichstädt, Sean Doran and Avi Solomon combined their talents to create this amazing computer animation.

These images provided an excellent basis to create textures for a flyby animation. SPICE trajectory data allowed to reconstruct approximately Jupiter’s appearance for each point along Juno’s trajectory during the flyby.
The movie shows a strongly contrast-enhanced view of Jupiter in very detail.
Each still frame of the movie has been calculated directly from the respective raw image.
JunoCam’s raw Perijove-06 RGB images #099 to #137 went into this computer animation.

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