Liberal Media Angst Grows as Colin Kaepernick Remains Unsigned

It is now only a short period of time until NFL offseason workouts and training camps are set to ramp up and Colin Kaepernick remains unsigned.

The former San Francisco 49er quarterback simultaneously earned fame and infamy last season when his thumbing of his nose at the flag by refusing to stand for the national anthem. In a year of intense political and cultural acrimony as Hillary Clinton ran one of the dirtiest campaigns in American history it was only natural that Kaepernick would become a polarizing figure.

Last week the USA Today bemoaned how poorly that it would reflect upon the NFL if the league’s top militant remained unsigned.

Via USA Today “An unsigned Colin Kaepernick is a bad sign for NFL”:

What does it say about the NFL, and about us, when at least a half-dozen men who have been accused of physical or sexual assault have been welcomed into the NFL over the past week, while Colin Kaepernick still has not?

Is it worse to be known for not standing for the national anthem than for being accused of hitting or assaulting someone? Is Kaepernick a less desirable member of an NFL team or community than, say, Oakland Raiders first-round draft pick Gareon Conley, who is being investigated by the Cleveland police on a rape allegation, or Cincinnati Bengals second-round pick Joe Mixon, who was caught on videotape knocking out a woman with a devastating punch?

As of now, it appears the answer is yes. At the moment, Conley and Mixon have more of a foot in the door in the NFL than does Kaepernick, the 29-year-old, six-year veteran who took the San Francisco 49ers to the Super Bowl during the 2012 season.

No matter how much some of you might despise Kaepernick for what he did last season, you have to admit that’s a stunning arrangement of values.

It was quite a surprise to see so many young men with so much violence attached to their names drafted by NFL teams little more than a week after USA TODAY Sports reported that Ray Rice himself was going to participate in the league’s social responsibility education program this year. You think everyone is getting with the plan, and then you realize they’re not. Not at all.

Then throw in the fact that the guy famous for making a controversial social statement still hasn’t landed back in the league when more than a dozen other quarterbacks have signed, and the player he replaced during last season — Blaine Gabbert — is in talks to sign with the Arizona Cardinals, and you really do have to wonder what’s going on.

It is a legitimate question as to why so many flat out thugs have either been drafted or otherwise are on NFL rosters but at the end of the day, winning is everything and while they wouldn’t admit it, probably half the teams in the league would suit up the Manson family if they could play football.

Kaepernick’s offense goes far deeper than simple thuggery – a sad but not uncommon occurrence – because his decision to put himself above his team in order to make a political statement in what was a politically charged climate ended up costing the NFL millions of dollars.

Reports have pointed out that Kaepernick’s stance so alienated loyal fans that they decided that they had better things to do with their afternoons than have radical leftist politics and disrespect for America shoved down their throats by an “oppressed” millionaire. TV ratings tanked and any team that would pony up millions to sign Kaepernick would risk alienating a significant portion of their fan base. Besides, he’s just not that good of a quarterback to begin with, his job was hardly guaranteed with the 49ers last preseason before he chose to become a symbol for the so-called Resistance.

The one thing that the media never bothers to point out is that what Kaepernick did while he was on the job and in his employers’ uniform would have gotten damned near anyone else fired. Most corporations have strict rules of what employees are able to engage in while representing the company and there is zero tolerance for violators.

Look for the liberal whining over Kaepernick to continue as the season grows nearer and teams continue to avoid him like the Ebola virus.

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