High Praise for John McCain from Top Democrat

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) praised Senator John McCain (R-AZ) for his willingness to publicly oppose President Donald Trump.

“This is John McCain’s finest hour,” Schiff said Friday in an interview with liberal talk show host Bill Maher. “Probably his most important public service since Vietnam is what he is doing now. I wish we had more Republicans in the House or maybe even one in the House who is willing to follow his example.”

The top Democrat on the House committee looking into Russian interference in the 2016 election, Schiff made the case for a Democrat takeover of the House and Senate because “this president needs a restraint.”

McCain was responsible for stopping the president’s rollback of EPA regulations on methane emissions. The measure was defeated by a 49-51 vote margin. Had McCain voted for the bill, Vice President Mike Pence would have registered the tie-breaking vote.

John McCainMcCain has also announced that he will be one of two GOP senators joining Democrats who will vote against President Trump’s nominee for U.S. Trade Representative.

When asked about his continued opposition of Trump and alignment with Democrats, McCain said, “These are the same Democrats that shredded me in 2008,” he said. “I get along with the Democrats, but please, I’m not their hero.” But McCain lined up with Democrats to voice concern over Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey. “Probably the most respected individual in all of the American government is probably the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation,” McCain said. “I’m very sorry that this has happened.”

McCain is also pushing for a select committee to take over the Russian investigation. The senator likely sees it as the best way to ensure that a special prosecutor gets appointed.

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