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Anti-Trump Protest in D.C. Largely a Shouting Match

About 300 Protesters in Washington, D.C. gathered, chanted and instigated – to no effect.

The ineffective crowd spent several hours at the entrance to the “Deploraball” where they started a few small fires, got pepper sprayed and stole Trump hats from people.

The chants heard aren’t fit for posting, but suffice to say, they don’t like Trump, Nazis, Fascists or the police.

One interesting thing I noticed is that when a protester would get pepper sprayed, they all encircled the afflicted person and would not allow cameras to get video or images of them – even to the point of getting violent. This is a new tactic for the snowflakes – or one I haven’t noticed before – and as it happened several times, it appears instructed.

Once the Deploraball protest achieved nothing, the group decided to march .. in random directions. The largest group visible had maybe 50-75 people yelling everything from “black lives matter” to “no more presidents.” You’re on your own to figure out that last one.

This “whose street, my street” kind of thing usually ends with blocked intersections and sometimes massive property damage – not tonight.

D.C.’s finest were everywhere and many of the streets were already blocked to traffic due to tomorrow’s inauguration. It was not long until the group decided to break up and go home.

RSBN (Previously Recorded):

RSBN (previously recorded):

During the stream the crowd repeatedly chanted “No KKK, no fascist USA , no Trump.” Not sure where the usual and infantile Hey Hey Ho  Ho chant went.

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