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WATCH: How to Properly Sharpen Your Kitchen Knives

Keeping your kitchen knives sharp is necessary if you prefer better tasting food, a more enjoyable cooking experience, and a safer kitchen.

A properly sharpened knife requires less force to slice or chop food which results in less bruising  or other damage to your ingredients. Herbs will look fresh longer as sharp knives cut through them cleanly while dull knives crush nearby cells resulting in a bruised appearance.

Sharp knives are safer due to more predictable performance. A dull knife may slide off the top of a vegetable where a sharp one would stay in place and slice cleanly.

In this video, Master Bladesmith Bob Kramer demonstrates how to use sharpening stones to properly sharpen your kitchen knives.

The sink bridge and stones Mr. Kramer uses are available on Amazon HERE along with an instructional DVD.

If you don’t need the whole kit, the individual items are also available, but won’t include the sharpening DVD:


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