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Trump Keeps His Promises!!!


When Donald Trump was first campaigning a reporter asked him if he could be presidential. His reply was “I’ll be so presidential you’ll want the old Trump back.” He’s certainly showing that now.

Critics said he’d never make it to the caucuses and he did. They said he’d never make it through the primaries and he did. They said he’d never make it to the convention and he did. They said he’d never get the nomination and he did. Then they said he’ll never be president and he did.

Now that he’s president elect he’s not wasting any time. He’s putting together a fantastic cabinet and filling positions faster than any president ever did and with great people all before he’s sworn in.  Obama took eight weeks to fill his first position and Bush took six weeks. Greg Gutfeld on the Fox show “The Five” said he’s not putting together a cabinet he’s making his own version of “The Magnificent Seven.” Great  comment  Greg. 😉

Since Trump won and is acting so presidential more than any other president, the media is becoming unhinged and besides themselves. They still can’t get over that their candidate lost and he’s going to be president.

CNN had a producer make an off camera comment that Trump’s plane crashed and she has since been disciplined by CNN. CNN CREW JOKES ABOUT TRUMP PLANE CRASHING…SO SORRY…

At a Harvard Institute meeting between Trump people and Hillary people, Trump campaign head Kelly Ann Conway got in a heated discussion with Obama  spokesperson  Jennifer Palmerie that turned into a real shouting match telling Kelly Ann that Trump is racist and the white vote got him in. Kelly Ann responded that was “crap” and said it was because Hillary had nothing in common with people, doesn’t connect with them and offered no vision, people don’t  trust her and because she called half of the American people deplorable and irredeemable. That paved the way for her excruciating loss. You can’t win over people you just sentenced to a life of being deplorable. Kelly Ann also said Donald did much better with black voters than Romney or John McCain did and said he told them he would give  them vouchers so they could send their kids to the school of their choice instead of failed government run schools. Kelly Ann Conway is also the first  woman to win a presidential campaign for her candidate.

Meanwhile Trump has already kept his promise to have Carrier Air Conditioner in Ohio keep 1,200 jobs here instead of moving to Mexico by giving them a seven million dollar tax cut and having them build a six million dollar plant there with the money they save from the tax cut. He also plans to have a 15% corporate tax cut for all business.  Back in April Trump said at a rally that any company that moves out of the country he will charge them a 35% tax on every item they ship in here.

Around that time Obama sarcastically said, “What’s Trump going to do wave his magic wand?” Well he did it Barack and he also convinced Ford to stay here too. It’s called the art of the deal Barack. You should have read it. FORD Open to Deals With Trump to Keep Jobs in USA… Trump is a master negotiator and means what he says and is going to get a lot of things done very quickly. He also has a big heart and really cares about the people and country which shows in his ‘Thank You ’tour he and Mike Pence are on. This is the change people have been waiting for decades for, to have a business man run the country like a business not like the phony “hope and change” we’ve been living through the past eight years. The difference between a politician and a businessman is a politician just talks the talk. A business man gets things done. Trump is that man.

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Jim Clayton

I am a retired former newspaper reporter and retail sales person. I'm a politically conservative easy going person from New Jersey. I am married to a wonderful wife and like talking and writing about movies,, concerts I attend and current events all which I write about here. I would enjoy hearing from anyone on my articles and they can write to me here.

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