A Nation Of PC Wimps,Elitists And Pussies!!!



When I was growing up liberal protestors  were always calling for peace and love and understanding and everyone singing Cumbya while causing violence themselves to oppose the violence they were protesting against. Now they haven’t changed much and are still all peace and love until you disagree with them. Then they become the most violent, racist things on the planet. Such is the case with these current so called anti-Trump protestors in the streets. They are misguided and all emotion devoid of facts. They are all part of the swamp that needs draining. Anti-Trump protests turn violent in Oakland, while Cher and Madonna attend NYC

All you have to do is just disagree with them and suddenly you are branded a racist, sexist, homophobe, nazi, fascist  and in the dark ages to boot. I was in college during the sixties and remember all their riots and protests against Nixon and Vietnam. ANARCHY USA became the norm in the 1960s with the spoiled students rioting against the Vietnam War.  Bill and Hillary Clinton were part of the radical far left 60s.  Remember the 1969 Nixon inauguration parade down Pennsylvania Avenue in D.C?  Radical communist led SDS students lined up on the street and the president had to be protected by the national  guard with guns that had NO firing pins.  The SDS punks threw poop and urine on the national guardsmen.  Fast forward to now in 2016 and not much has changed.  Marxist college professors brainwashed college students in the 60s as well as now.  The corrupt Democrat Party campaigned for FREE college tuition just like today and voiced  no mention who would PAY for that.  The same communist professors that tell students today the government owes them a living also tell students to continue rioting until taxpayer funded colleges come to pass.  They want to include other handout goodies such as free HEALTH CARE .

College students on campuses today were asking professors to give them a day off so they could cry over Trump winning. They all wanted to retreat to their safe spaces. They were seeking out grief counselors. Clint Eastwood and Ann Coulter are right. We are turning into a nation of pussies. A lawyer on FOX and Friends this morning said these kids should get a life.

Now the usual celebrities are saying they are leaving the country because Trump got elected. Is that a threat??? If so I say break open the champagne and I’ll give you a farewell party. These same people said that when Bush was elected and they are still here. No other country will offer them the lifestyle and benefits and mansions they get here. Canada has said they don’t want them either. Political Correctness: the virus causing the Tyranny of Hypersensitivity.  START PACKING: 23 Celebrities Who Promised to Leave if Trump Elected… Adios!

Bad news for anyone looking to relocate to our neighbor to the north after last night’s election results: Canada doesn’t want you.

After Americans—and especially

As a Canadian all I can say is Sorry #America but you can’t run from your mistakes. You made your bed #Election2016 #Canada

American celebrities—began considering making good on their promises to “move to Canada” in the wake of Donald Trump election victory, Canadians took to Twitter to warn Americans that they’d best stay where they are.


The latest misguided fool is screenwriter and producer Alan Sorkin who penned a letter to his 15 year old daughter about Trump.

The Oscar-winning screenwriter behind idealistic political drama The West Wing and The Social Network – and convicted drug felon – told his 15-year-old daughter Roxy and her mother, his ex-wife Julia Sorkin, that ‘the world changed’ with Trump’s victory.

He accused Trump – whose daughter Ivanka converted to Judaism when she married her Orthodox Jewish husband Jared Kushner – of having supporters who are ‘not fans of the Jews’.

In the letter, published in Vanity Fair, Sorkin – who is worth an estimated $80 million and who narrowly avoided jail for drug possession – told his family: ‘Well the world changed late last night in a way I couldn’t protect us from.

 Sorkin, who has long supported the Democratic Party, noted that it’s not the first time his candidate hasn’t won the presidency but it is the first time a ‘thoroughly incompetent pig with dangerous ideas, a serious psychiatric disorder, no knowledge of the world and no curiosity to learn has.’

‘The Klan won last night,’ he added, saying that with Trump’s election to the presidency ‘hate was given hope.’

 And it was a win for his supporters too, Sorkin, 55, claimed – including the Ku Klux Klan as well as ‘white nationalists, sexists, racists and buffoons.’

We fight for a woman to keep her right to choose. We fight for the First Amendment and we fight mostly for equality—not for a guarantee of equal outcomes but for equal opportunities. We stand up.
He predicted that Trump wouldn’t make it through his term without committing an impeachable crime – but if he does, he promised his family would make it through those years.

Sorkin’s own crimes include pleading guilty to two two drug felonies. He was caught possession of crack cocaine, hallucinogenic mushrooms and marijuana when he tried to smuggled them on to a plane in his carry-on bag in April 2001.

At the time he was Hollywood’s best-known screenwriter but was told by a judge that he could either complete rehab or go to jail for 44 months.

What a supreme misguided ass hole as most anti-Trump people are. I’ve known of Alan Sorkin, but this is so far out and he actually believes what he is a saying. I’d change this headline to read  “Penns a heartfelt misguided letter to his daughter.” He was convicted of cocaine use and smuggling and faced 44 months in jail, but got off easy. This sounds like he’s back on his hallucinogenic  drugs again. Aaron Sorkin pens a heartfelt note to his daughter after Trump won | Daily Mai

First of all I’d tell Mr. Sorkin that Hillary was for doing away with the first and second amendment as she only wanted publications that agreed with the liberal side and  she and Obama called our constitution an outdated document.  She and Obama were in favor of wanting to collect everyone’s guns. Secondly if he is talking about fighting for equality with women I would inform Mr. Sorkin that Hillary pays her male co-workers at her foundation $8000 more than her female workers.

These protestors that say Trump hates Mexicans and Muslims are also misguided. He hires many Mexicans and Muslims. What he said was “Mexico IS NOT sending their best (they aren’t). Many are rapists and murderers (which they are) and some are nice people” He is right. Our prison population is 42% Mexicans and just look at all the innocent men ,women and children who have been slaughtered and raped by these  illegals coming across the border.

As far as hating Muslims goes, all Trump said was he was for putting a TEMPORARY ban on Muslims coming in “until we can find out what is going on.”He said this after San Bernadino. Fort Hood, Orlando, Chattanooga and other places where Muslims killed groups of people. Jimmy Carter banned Muslims for four years during the Iranian crisis.

So to all these protestors I say as Bob Dylan said in the 60’s in his song “Positively 4th Street,” I used to be among the crowd you’re in with” and “I wish that you could stand inside my shoes. You’d know what a drag it is to see you.”

Protests turn violent…
‘People have to die’…

I found these most interesting comments:

 sevanclaig • I can only hope that gal and her ilk will read and understand this when I say that people dying for freedom typically are fighting invaders, such as yourself or in-laws I assume are.
As for people needing to die now, too bad to hear you say that, but so be it.
What, do you really think we’re playing around here? We have absolutely no interest in turning the United States of America into a freaking expansion of Mexico or a facsimile of that corrupt cesspool. I’m entirely willing to fight over that matter.
A great  deal of us are. A great deal more than enough of us are.

You want a better life, go fight for the homeland you and your folks fled, first. History has even provided plenty of evidence that we in the USA are more than willing to help folks in other lands do so, as well. But coming here and trying to usurp our electoral process and then threatening us when you fail, there’s nothing but hurt waiting.

Best thing for you and your family is to self deport asap, then get inline like your decent countrymen have, and we’ll see how it goes from there. Besides, pretty soon no employer will be allowed to hire you anyway, and when that and the fee increases on all the money taken out of our economy and sent south causes it to dry up, your own Pres back home will come and drag you back himself.
May as well play nice and not get hurt any worse.

NoName • P.S. Be careful ‘Lily’. Don’t start something you can’t finish. There are thousands upon thousands of very well trained, well armed veterans and hunters in this country and if something really did get out of control, I promise…you’ll lose. We’re a law-abiding, peaceful group of people, but if our safety is being threatened, you can be sure we’re not going to run and hide. I’d also add retired police officers to the list of people that will not tolerate your threats/violence.

bluzrider I guess we’re in for another Civil War, and the media is to blame for it. They have riled up people who have no idea of what they speak, and they call Trump voters uneducated. This mass immigration without coming thru the front door has to stop.

Most people in this country have nothing against legal immigration, we all know that is what makes our country great, but we cannot have open boarders and not know who the hell is coming in.

We are tired of being called racist, just because we want order to immigration, and not chaos

Lambo • Sadly, this is what the left wants. They want racial tensions, they’re the ones stoking the flames. They love this, and like past wiki leaks, I’m sure this will one day prove that the Dems or rich liberals are funding these protests.



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