Trump announces ‘Urban Renewal Agenda for America’s Inner-Cities’

At a speech in Charlotte, NC on Wednesday, Presidential candidate Donald Trump announced his plan to rebuild America’s inner-cities.

Nicknamed the new deal for Black America, it is grounded on three promises from a Trump administration, should he win – safe communities, great education, and high-paying jobs.


Every African-American citizen in this country is entitled to a government that puts their jobs, wages and security first.

I’m asking today for the honor of your vote, and the privilege to represent you as your President. Here is the promise I make to you: whether you vote for me or not, I will be your greatest champion. I have no special interest, I take no orders from donors or lobbyists – I work for you, and only you.

Trump then criticized the negative messaging coming from his opponent, Hillary Clinton.

“Our opponent represents the rigged system and failed thinking of yesterday. Her campaign offers only the depressing pessimism that says this is as good as it gets, that nothing can ever really change,” Trump stated.

Donald’s message is in stark contrast with Hillary’s doom and gloom:

I want to go into the inner cities, the poor rural communities, and the failing schools, and I want to work on a national plan for revitalization. I’m tired of the excuses from our politicians. I’m tired of being told what can’t be done. I’m tired of people asking Americans to defer their dreams to another day, but really another decade.

Trump also hit on the failures of politicians that keep making promises just to get elected then disappear into the woodwork until it’s time to get re-elected.

American politics is caught in a time loop – we keep electing the same people, who keep making the same mistakes, and who keep offering the same excuses.

The Democrats have run our inner cities for fifty, sixty, seventy years or more. They’ve run the school boards, the city councils, the mayor’s offices, and the congressional seats. Their policies have failed, and they’ve failed miserably.



Trump pointed out that despite the sacrifices and achievements of African Americans going back to the formation of the United States, many in the Black community are being left behind by self-serving, professional politicians:

African-American citizens have sacrificed so much for this nation. They have fought and died in every war since the Revolution, and from the pews and the picket lines they have lifted up the conscience of our country in the long march for Civil Rights.

Yet, too many African-Americans have been left behind.

45% of African-American children under the age of 6 live in poverty.

58% of African-American youth are not currently employed.

African-Americans compromise roughly 13 percent of the population, yet make-up 60% of murder victims under the age of 22.


Mr. Trump’s plan will center on school choice so that parents can move their children from failing inner-city schools, unlike the Democrats who have “trapped children in failing government schools and opposed school choice at every turn.”

On jobs, Trump laid out the impact bad trade deals like NAFTA have had on black employment and the liberal policies that are failing to curb inner-city crime – especially in Chicago.

The Clintons gave us NAFTA and China’s entry into the World Trade Organization, two deals that de-industrialized America, uprooted our industry, and stripped bare towns like Detroit and Baltimore and the inner cities of North Carolina. This state has lost nearly half of its manufacturing jobs since Bill and Hillary’s NAFTA, decimating the African-American middle class.

Democratic policies have also given rise to crippling crime and violence.

Donald also explained how illegal immigration had done harm to black Americans.

“No group has been more economically-harmed by decades of illegal immigration than low-income African-American workers. Hillary’s pledge to enact “open borders,” – made in secret to a foreign bank – would destroy the African-American middle class,” Trump said.


To foster entrepreneurship in inner-cities, Donald said that it was time for newer, better ideas that focus on enablement, not on entitlement.

Donald said that a “21st century Glass-Steagall” was needed that would make it easier for small businesses to get loans and that he would “encourage small-business creation by allowing social welfare workers to convert poverty assistance into repayable but forgive-able micro-loans.”

Trump reiterated his promise to stop giving money to the global warming efforts of the U.N. and use the money to improve infrastructure here and especially in America’s inner-cities.

Overall, the message was one of optimism that the problems facing America’s inner-cities can be addressed through new ideas, hard work and real investment.

In closing, Trump issued a challenge to voters – dream big:

I’m asking America to join me in dreaming big and bold things for our future. Let’s close the history books on the failures in Washington, and let’s open a new chapter of success and prosperity for everyone.

I am humbled beyond words to be the nominee for the Party of Abraham Lincoln. And it is my highest and greatest hope that the Republican Party can be the home of the African-American vote once again.



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  1. This is a VERY TALL order and will require the patience of Jobe. It is also a MUST if these young Americans are given opportunities and paths to success. Perhaps the most difficult task will be changing a mind set that has been in place for decades and earning the trust of the people. It will be gradual and slow, one community at a time.

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