Podesta E-mails Suggest Scalia May Have Been Murdered!!




When Hillary first announced she was running I said it’s all going to come back again; The women Bill raped and assaulted , The Vince Foster case will be reopened, and the famous Clinton Death List will come back.. Now it is all happening just as I said it would. The women Clinton raped and assaulted are all making appearances, the Vince Foster case is being talked about again how Hillary berated him so much it drove him to suicide and the Clinton death list is back with six new ones in seven weeks all in a position to expose Hillary. Hilary even suggested to her staff that she wanted Julian Assange the head of Wiki-leaks droned.  Which brings  us to the latest with Judge Scalia.

The internet is blowing up over a document released by Wiki-leaks regarding Supreme Court Justice Scalia.  A new theory has emerged that Hillary Clinton and her lackeys are linked to Justice Scalia’s death. The theory comes from a Wiki-Leaks email from Hillary’s Chairman John Podesta to DC lobbyist Steve Elmendorf. Elmendorf was also the former chief of staff to Democratic leader Dick Gephardt.

Podesta writes, “Didn’t think wet works meant pool parties at the Vineyard.”

Elmendrof responds, “I am all in Sounds like it will be a bad nite , we all need to buckle up and double down”

The theory goes that Podesta’s use of “wet works” implies an assassination. I have read that the term “wet works “ is an acronym used by the CIA and also KGB for assassinations and the references to pool and Vineyard refer to the Cibolo Creek Ranch where Scalia’s body was found.
The Ranch does have a pool and it is believed that a vineyard is just down the road. G: WIKILEAKS EMAILS SUGGEST Supreme Court Justice Scalia May Have Been

He was pronounced dead by the judge of the county who never even went to the scene. She pronounced him dead over the phone and declared it a cardiac arrest without even looking at him

NO post mortem was ordered which should have been standard operating procedure  (SOP) with an unexpected death of a healthy person NOT under doctor’s care.  This whole situation was ugly and suspicious from the get go. A lot of medical people are chatting and know this is off the rails. Rumor has it he was cremated.

This whole thing smelled fishy right from the start. A mini-vacation at a remote  ranch miles from anywhere? At a place owned by a rich Democrat? No formal inquiry? No autopsy? Immediately cremated? Yeah, sure. The owner said he found him with a pillow over his head .Later he tried to clarify what he meant and said the pillow was above his head. Even so that doesn’t make sense either.

Now that wiki-leaks has released thousands of e-mails from Posdesta that are harmful to Hillary but  the media is ignoring them and attacking Trump.

People I talk to about the emails from WikiLeaks most of the time it’s the first time they have heard about the relative subject. A lot of people are so tired of the MSM hours of sex assaults reporting they don’t want to watch the news. My formula is simple. Believe the opposite what you read and hear from the media, and you will be very, very close to the truth.  I did the same with Obama and I was right every time. Listen to what he says and then think the opposite and you’ll know exactly what he means.

Hillary told Goldman-Saks in one of her $250,000 dollar speeches you have to be two different people, one on the outside and one inside.

I found this interesting comment.

Disappointed • 

In my opinion, ALL Americans should boycott the biased MSM, despite what the Networks say, Fox is for me the most un-biased, Juan Williams is clearly not a mouthpiece for the RNC. Do the other networks have reps from the other side to have an open and honest debate? Just turn off the nightly news and watch their ratings drop like a stone. No viewers, no money. The same should happen with the WP, NYT, LAT and others in the print media. If you want a country of lies and deception, vote for HRC, if you want to “shake things up in DC” vote Trump. He’s not perfect, but at least he hasn’t “been bought” and will work in the interest of the American people

Yes this commenter is right.  We need Trump and that’s obvious! We need to bring back jobs and make this country wealthy again.. This country needs to be fixed and that should be obvious that it’s time to vote Trump!

GOPUSA – Faux Outrage, Lies, and More Media Bias Against Trump

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