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Hillary for prison

Hillary was in Ohio campaigning since Trump is ahead of her there and whoever wins Ohio wins the election they say. While I listened to her speech I couldn’t help but notice she was saying the same things Trump was saying. She said she was opposed to the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) just as Trump is when just last week at the debate she was for it.

She said she was for better trade deals as this country has made bad trade deals and she would appoint a special trade prosecutor. Hasn’t that been Trump’s pet peeve all along? I think Donald would make a better trade negotiator since he knows how to make deals and has met with world leaders to negotiate his buildings in other countries.

She said she would have incentives to bring jobs back here from overseas to work on our bridges and infrastructure which is falling apart? Hey Hillary Donald could sue you for plagiarism and stealing his ideas just like you stole the furniture out of the white house that time.

A warning to you people in Ohio and Pennsylvania, don’t forget she said she would put the coal miners out of business in favor of alternative energy uses.

Hilary did say she planned on doing away with loop holes for the wealthy. That is a no-no because it is the wealthy who stimulate the economy and hire people.  If she does away with their loopholes she could take advantage of that to tax them and redistribute the wealth which is a pet peeve of hers and most libs.

As I watched her speech I could see anger in her face and her voice is that sharp shrill sound that sounds like fingernails on a blackboard that pierces right through you like a sharp knife hence the nick name “Shrillary” by her critics. No wonder secret service agents have been driven to drugs and alcohol abuse from her berating them like she does with such a shrill voice. She is not a happy woman that is for sure. I also noticed her eyes going weird from the left eye going to the nose and the right eye going in the opposite direction. This is from her neurological disorder from her fall that time. Conan O’brian has made fun of her with a cartoon eye going both ways now they are really doing it. I also noticed she was taking a cough lozenge to ward off another coughing fit which is happening again. She is also not a well woman in spite of what she says.

I saw these two interesting comments:

Brooklyn96  newland65 • 4 hours ago

I don’t know about regrets. We thought people would get it after 4 years of Obama, yet they voted him in again. If Hillary wins the country will be so far gone by that point that no one will be able to fix it. The country will regret electing her only after terrorists get hold of nuclear weapons and either blow up a major city or dirty bomb us and put our nation on its knees. People got to think long term. This election is between going to Socialism, or rebuilding our successful history under Capitalism. We don’t want Obama Care forever. We don’t want to sell our country’s soul to the World economy. And we certainly don’t want our way of life to collapse. I fear for the lives my grandchildren will lead after Hillary taxes the jobs out of existence. So the election is one which will choose between everyone but the elite being poor, government intrusion into every aspect of our lives, or all given a better chance at success, and government put in its rightful place. The founders must be spinning in their graves. This election is about Keeping our republic or losing it. Unfortunately many of our younger generation do not know American History.

Patricia Schmitt  senior American • 2 hours ago

She will Rot in HELL for all of her lies, deceit, sexual escapades with children, [Her] rape victims[yes,hers]. How can you ever ask to be forgiven.  When you have the worse history of the most horrific crimes ever committed, including their [90] victims whom died under mysterious circumstances during their reign. Any one who was about to talk or they feared might – died suddenly– whether it be murder or suicide . Why nobody has ever connected the dots and brought these pigs to justice, once and for all, is beyond me! Look up “Hillary’s rape Victim” [one that made it out alive to tell the story] ? I don’t mean the one who Hillary defended and got off as a lawyer[case (she) picked to defend] of a Pedophile who raped a 12 year old victim, and later talking about it, followed by her devilish laughter, after conveniently losing evidence in the case. That girl was damaged physically, with ongoing emotional issues for life. Could never have a child because of the trauma that occurred. This woman is the Devil, and we have to get it out there to everybody.. Must not elect this horrible non-moral animal to be in charge of anyone. Will say anything, do anything, to WIN.. TPP- if put in place will have the ability to crush out the Constitution, like it didn’t exist, and it won’t, once any Democrat is elected this period. Sovereign Nation – No More! Not a Conspiracy-Just FACT…

Here is the perfect comparison between Donald and Hillary I saw from this gentleman:

Dale Goodrich ·

We have a clear choice this year. So Vote!

Trump lower taxes……………………….Hillary higher taxes.
Trump will eliminate death tax…………Hillary will raise death tax to 65%
Trump secure the border…………………Hillary open borders
Trump controlled immigration………….Hillary massive immigration
Trump will deport illegal criminal………Hillary will make them citizens
Trump more jobs…………………………Hillary jobs killing regulations.
Less intervention in wars ………………Hillary War Hawk
Trump rebuild military……………………Hillary destroy military
Trump Law & Order …………………….Hillary Riots
Trump End Corruption…………………..Hillary Corrupts the FBI
Trump supports the 2nd Amendment….Hillary supports 25% gun tax.
Trump will cleanup the IRS……………..Hillary will use the IRS as her weapon
Trump will replace Obamacare…………Hillary will expand it.
Trump will sanctuary cities………………Hillary will defend them.
Trump will support Christian values……Hillary will demand Muslim values.
Trump Pro-Life……………………………Hillary will expand abortion laws.
Trump will bring Change…………………Hillary is ESTABLISHMENT

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