Lyin Hillary And Lyin Liz The Perfect Couple

There is a lot of speculation about lyin Hillary’s pick for vice-president, one person that is said being considered is Elizabeth Warren. That would be some ticket, both are liars, both have been caught lying and both deny being liars, but that in it self is a lie.

First to be exposed was her unverified claim to be a Cherokee, Liz claimed she was a Cherokee Native American, which gave her affirmative action preferences for entry to Harvard, scholarships and high-paying job offers. When she applied to Penn and Harvard, she checked the box claiming she was Native American, which she only checked so she would get preferential treatment, not only a lie but quite unethical.


Liz has a habit of saying she is against big banks and big business, but when she was a lawyer Liz represented a string of big businesses in cases against workers, she seems to have been practicing law for over a decade without a license. Liz likes to bash Trump because he made money during the housing crash, but low and behold she also made a sizable sum flipping foreclosed properties, there’s nothing wrong with making money, at least Trump is honest about it. Liz has also claimed to be a nationally recognized debate champion when she was in high school. But Professor Paul Rahe of Hillsdale College, who attended high school with Warren and was active on the debate team, does not even remember her being on the team.  

Now Hillary, she has lied so many times on so many topics I don’t have enough room to list them all. The one lie that should disqualify her from becoming president is when she lied to the families of the men who died in Benghazi. A person that would look into the eyes of those family members and tell them their loved ones died because of a video when she knew it wasn’t true is a despicable liar and should get no where near the White House.

Let us not forget the e-mail problem she has at the moment. Not only did she lie, but she put national security at risk. Hillary has lied so much it just comes natural for her, as a matter of fact, I don’t think she can tell the difference anymore, she truly believes the American people are stupid and will just forget about everything. Well maybe this time she may be in for a little surprise, the FBI has never done a criminal investigation on her before; this might be the end of Hillary and Bill, the perfect lying couple.

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This is one man’s opinion.


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One Comment

  1. OMG Chris I would call this The Shrek Ticket with two old Ogres played by the fraud broads. Lis is vested as a Native American because her Papaw had high cheek bones and Hillary dodged sniper fire while getting flower from a child. Lewis and Clark had Sacagawea. So we get Sacashit with Clueless and Cluck. Good things happen for America in the first week of July that keep America whole. This Evasive American Queen met with the FBI yesterday so maybe she will end up in the “Pocky” never to “haunt us” again. These two Princesses fail to understand that Native American heritage comes with structured values built around honor and not always the drunkin savages that plays so well on Hollywood screens. They would make a great ticket, for sure truth and honor wouldn’t ride in that band wagon. Just what set of cheeks was Betty Boop speaking about anyway? I mean both sets reside above and orifice that spews out nothing but loud noise and hot air. She may be Simian; the truth be told she is a cheater. The White House or a Tree House, what difference does it make anyway? Both are a House of Cards because you know Bill will stray from the Reservation, Shrillary told us that already.

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