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Gretchen Carlson comes out for banning semi-auto rifles [video]

Ill-informed and failing to understand the slippery slope of ceding liberty to security, Fox New host Gretchen Carlson went full-on lefty media in her approach to semi-automatic varmint rifles.

AR-15’s are semi-automatic which means that only one round is fired per depression of the trigger. Despite Alan Grayson’s errant claims, a civilian AR-15 can not fire 700 rounds per minute. That would take a God-like ability to pull the trigger 11.667 times every second – give that a try..

The standard magazine for the AR-15 holds 30 rounds, but the platform requires two hands to effectively operate. Claiming that fewer people would have been shot had AR-15’s been banned is illogical and uninformed.

Imagine the same killer had two Springfield XDm 5.25 9mm pistols (one in each hand) each with a capacity of 19 rounds. That’s 38 shots per platform ammo exchange and easier to wield in close environments like a night club. The pistol can be fired and reloaded every bit as fast as the rifle and you can point each gun in different directions or at multiple targets. Good holsters would allow for easy reloads or a terrorist could go ‘New York reload’ and drop empty guns on the ground in order to pull a fully-loaded pistol from a holster. The New York reload was well-demonstrated in the lobby scene of “The Matrix” (albeit with mostly full-automatic machine guns instead of of semi-auto variants.)


Gretchen’s arguments are silly and likely why almost 90% of her twitter audience rebuked her idea to relent to government control over a single incident.

Most Americans understand that if they let the government ban this rifle or that rifle, they will come after the XDMs next, then the single-stacks, then the revolvers – repeat until you are begging your sheriff for a permit to buy a pellet gun.

‘Assault rifle’ and ‘assault weapon’ are ridiculous terms meant to confuse the masses – a baseball bat could be a weapon used in an assault. The actual legal terminology is ‘machine guns’ which shoot multiple shots per trigger pull and ‘semi-auto’ guns which disburse only a single round with each trigger pull. Clouding the difference with fuzzy terminology is flawed – unless the goal is to castrate the second amendment. There is no reference in the Gun Control Act or National Firearms Act of assault-style weapons, assault rifles, military-style rifles or any other such media-created nonsense. Many Americans don’t understand the difference – or don’t care.

Lastly, AR-15’s and AK-47’s are banned in France and there was a horrific muslim terrorist event there – at a nightclub – 100 dead, 230 injured. Yeah, banning is the answer.

Note:  In the military we never referred to our rifles as assault weapons, assault rifles or military style rifles. They were rifles. SAW/M-60/m2 gunners had ‘machine guns’.

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Rich Mitchell

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  1. Dare I say this ? Gretchen Carlson is only a half step away from a twit. She’s good with the ‘fluff’ but is still living in the glory of her Miss America days and rarely, rarely has any ‘news’ that hasn’t been on all morning. The “My Take” is her version of Gteta’s established “Off the record”. Frankly the more Ms Carlson opens her mouth, the more her ‘lack of knowledge’ falls out. …Actually I really enjoyed her on the morning shows where the bouncy personality matched the program……She just cAn’t decide to be Greta or Kelly

  2. Fox news is CFR “Controlled Opposition”! You shouldn’t be surprised that eye candy (sex sells everything) airheads like this “cute Ass” would say such things; that 2 + 2 = 3 is a concept beyond bouncing boobs is no surprise – let alone understanding the components of Freedom vs. “Oh, Barry! Please take care of me and keep me “safe” Communist Socialist principles!

    When are you fox news-aphiles gonna wake up to the snake-oil you are being fed?!

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