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Bloomberg admits his ideology sucks by shaming safe spaces [video]

University of Michigan graduates got a face full of real life when liberal hero Michael Bloomberg informed them that safe spaces and trigger words were just going to set them up for failure once they left the coddling of college life.

The former New York City mayor told UofM students that they should use the college experience to toughen up, not puss-out.

“The fact that some university boards and administrations now bow to pressure and shield students from these ideas through ‘safe spaces,’ ‘code words,’ and ‘trigger warnings’ is, in my view, a terrible mistake … The whole purpose of college is to learn how to deal with difficult situations – not run away from them.”

Oh the hypocrisy ..

Mr. ‘your soda is too big‘, ‘I’ll decide how much salt is too much salt for you‘, ‘I’ll protect you from french fries‘, ‘that music is too loud for you‘, ‘we’ll tell you what kind of cab you can ride in‘, and ‘how many of which restroom you should have‘ is now somehow professing to college students in another state that they should not accept nanny-state, helicopter-parent style hovering?

As is typical with many lefty oligarchs, they fail to understand the foundations of their arguments – all are made on emotional and confused ideology. Bloomberg just proved it.

Mr. Bloomberg is correct. Safe spaces, trigger words and whatever else turns precious little snowflakes into quivering morons are unnecessary, ill-thought and otherwise .. ridiculous. But not just because they don’t harden those soft people into capable human beings, but because all dependence on a nanny-state fails to build good citizens – critical thinking citizens – American citizens.

It doesn’t matter whether we think about safe spaces on a campus level, state level or federal level – they all do the same thing. If a person believes that nothing offensive, controversial or otherwise harmful should ever enter their personal space and they believe that a guarantee to such should come from some large organization … the result is the same – they will struggle to deal with the real world and all its cruelties.

If a young person can’t deal with some girl passing out pocket constitutions or pro-choice flyers without running away and curling up into a crying ball of humanity, the real world is gonna’ be a shocker.

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